iPad Mini 5 Release date in India, Specs, Price – Apple devices are the most highly admired gadgets that people from all around the world wish to own. To have an Apple device is not just to own a device, but it is, in fact, a trend at present. After a huge success all over the market with the previously launched Apple devices, the company is all set to shift another gear for the highly anticipated iPad mini 5.

iPad Mini 5 Release date in India, Specs, Price

iPad Mini 5 Release date in India, Specs, Price

Although there has been no official announcement of its release yet. Meanwhile, where everybody’s waiting for the iPad Mini 5 to show up, let’s have a glance at what can we expect to get in the iPad Mini 5. 

iPad Mini 5 Specifications (Assumed)

Processor: Apple iPad Mini 5 is expected to have a fast A9 processor. In the earlier iPad mini 4, the processor it runs on is an A8 processor. So there are possibilities of an upgrade in the processor. Which is a good news for the users, especially the gamers or people who like playing a lot of games on their iPad. The device is going to be super fast.

Size: We can expect the iPad mini 5 to be of the same size as the iPad mini 4. However, there will be some minor changes in it for sure. As seen earlier, all the iPods doesn’t differ in size, except for some minor physical changes like the design or the screen size.

Screen: The screen may generally be of Corning Gorilla glass. Because devices these days are coming out with gorilla protected screens. This is iPad mini 5, so we can expect the very best from the smartphone giants for sure. It’s nothing unusual.

Camera: The iPad Mini 5 is expected to have an 8 Mega Pixels rear & 1.2 Mega Pixels front camera. If we look back at iPad Mini 4, it has a 5 Mega Pixels camera, so Apple Inc. is probably looking forward to providing a bigger Mega Pixels in this one.

Some Other Specs

Similar to the previously launched iPad mini 4, the much-awaited iPad mini 5 will obviously share some similar features like the 2 Giga Bytes of RAM, dual core 1.5 GHz Typhoon CPU, etc.

Expected Price

The pricing of the highly anticipated iPad Mini 5 can be predicted around the same as that of iPad mini 4. That is £320 at the release for the 16GB (only wifi) model. It was £400 & £480 for the 64GB & 128GB versions, respectively.

So, a similar pricing scale is being expected from the iPad mini 5. However, the standard version should be starting from 32GB. The pricing may vary depending on the inbuilt memory space as follows-

  • 32GB (WiFi only): ₹26,000
  • 32GB (WiFi+4G): ₹34,290
  • 64GB (WiFi only): ₹32,600
  • 64GB (WiFi+4G): ₹40,800
  • 128GB (WiFi only): ₹39,200
  • 128GB (WiFi+4G): ₹47,300

All these pricing sighted above are predicted according to the previous model of iPad Mini. Time will speak what Apple Inc. have in mind. As there is absolutely no assurance in these rumors for now.

So, we’ll have to wait until it is out or until the time any other information regarding the device is out from Apple Inc. itself. It is surely not very much likely to happen, but who knows what comes next? You never know, what this company has in store. 

iPad Mini 5 Release Date in India

The iPad Mini 5 is expected to be launched in 2017. However, as we had seen earlier, Apple devices are launched in the US & UK first, then it is launched elsewhere in the world. We can expect the iPad mini 5 to be launched in India in the mid-2017, i.e. around the months of June-September.

If we track Apple’s product launching event pattern through the years; we can see that March, June, and September are the months Apple has been following to launch their new products. Following the same event pattern, iPad Mini 5 was expected to be out during September 2016.We can expect the iPad mini 5 to be launched in India in the mid-2017, i.e. around the months of June-September.

But, in the event of September launching, iPad Mini 5 was missing from the bunch. So, the best we can predict, iPad Mini 5 should be out during March 2017 in UK. We can expect the iPad mini 5 to be launched in India in the mid-2017, i.e. around the months of June-September.

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As for now, no further details about the iPad mini 5 can be assumed, as the company itself had not revealed anything as yet. But as per the speculations suggests the iPad mini 5 would be out in 2017.

As we have already seen previously that Apple Inc. likes to keep everyone waiting for their new launches. We can expect the same again this time. The company is well known for surprising the whole world. So, till any further news, rumors or assumptions comes out from the mobile marketing giants itself, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

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