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What is Internet of Things (IoT) Technology- Debt Study

Internet Of Things

The internet is already connected with cars, mobiles, and computers. Now the next thing researchers are working on is connecting everything to the internet. This concept deals with connecting the internet to all your household gadgets like fridge, geyser, microwave, etc. This will help you to run your devices through your Smartphones from afar.

Internet Of Things


This means you can start your air conditioner when you reach nearer to your home from your smartphone. This is a great idea as you will be able to switch on the washing machine from your office or get emails from your fridge that milk is running low. This also is of concern because this also means that your washing machine can be hacked.



These types of household devices will be more susceptible since they will be made from cheap ready-made hardware and standard software. These devices will also be devoid of protections of antivirus like a computer. Smartphones are full-fledged computers therefore, they can be used to compromise other things as a desktop can do.Malware can also take over your air conditioner and turn them off or on at the will of the hacker. It is true that security measures might increase the cost of the device, but it will be very important for future.


The internet of things (IoT) can also be very helpful in autonomous actions. Self-parking cars are already a reality and cars which can drive themselves are coming up soon. A public trash compactor which compacts trash as and when needed is also something wonderful. This futuristic trash can will also alert the authorities when it needs emptying. Home security systems which can remotely control your thermostat and lock your door behind you are upcoming. Almost all devices and gadgets are to be included in the IoT. This will obviously give us tremendous levels of convenience without the need for manual intervention.

Auto Car Parking


These types of technologies do give us a lot of atomization, but conservative community believes that this will also make mankind very lazy. This will also make future generations highly dependent on technology and breakdown of such devices can cause panic situations. Investors are betting heavily on the popularity and implementation of IoT and have already invested millions. Authorities will also spend a lot of money to upgrade to IoT systems in the coming years.

Alternative Theory

There is also a theory which proposes that the household devices can have only the sensors and cloud computing will take care of the intelligence need. This may reduce the need for high-security measures and can make the devices cheaper. The only glitch in this system might be that your internet needs to be always on for such things to work.


Things can be very convenient with the implementation of the internet of things (IoT) or can go very wrong. Privacy is another factor to consider with such a system as service providers can get data about your habits and schedules. Investors, manufacturers, and the government should make policies to ensure that security and privacy measures are implemented. Inadequate security and privacy may ruin this great new technological advance and kill it during its early days.

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