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Infolinks Introduced Referral Program & Exclusive Features

Infolinks review

Infolinks is one of the most dependable ads network, which stands to be the best Google Adsense Alternative ads network. Infolinks can be used in the most awesome manner to increase your daily earnings from your blog with lots of new features included, which helps in increasing the earnings.


Infolinks is one of the most trusted ads network in the industry, which doesn’t scare you of getting ban like we do on Google Adsense. I am sure you already know very well about these ads network, which had been consistently helping thousands of website owners to make extra money since long. Infolinks are best Google Adsense alternatives because it can be used along with Google Adsense, which means you would be earning from Adsense & infolinks at the same time.

Why I personally prefer infolinks after Google Adsense?

Infolinks is basically last hope for many bloggers who are rejected or banned from Google Adsense. Infolinks are very good ad network, which can be monetized in the blog to earn decent monthly income out of it. Back in 2013 when I started blogging, I was one of those bloggers who were not accepted in Google Adsense, when I lost all hope from Google Adsense I tried for Infolink.


Infolink was not a Good choice, that’s what I felt at that moment because I was hardly getting 10-20 views per day. But later when I got approval to Google Adsense and experienced, I realized that a blog with good traffic can be used for generating extra money using multiple ads network in at the same time.  Google Adsense is one of the best Ad network in the world, but to maximize your earnings you can use Infolinks and enjoy double benefits with same traffic. Even there are many times when infolinks pays high like Adsense but not always.

Google Adsense being very strict with their policy violation you must not depend on Google Adsense only. Sometimes it is possible that you might get banned just because of some others bad work over your blog, which is the most worst thing.

How To apply For Infolinks & get approved?

It is very easy to get approved for Infolinks, You just have to sign up for Infolinks using correct account details. It hardly takes hardly 1 day to get approved with Infolinks, where you would be asked to add  one script [ add it in widgets] & automatically ads would start appearing.

The minimum payout for Infolinks is just 50$ which is very low and easy to cash out, with easy Payment method PayPal NET 45 days.

Infolinks Various Ad Units:

Lets have a quick look on some of the features, like other ads network infolinks also provides various ad unit.

1. In-Text & Units:

It is one of the most common ad unit by Infolinks which is very unique ad  unit, which brings lots of views  while reader is reading the blog posts. Hence, it increase the earnings of the users & the ad keeps popping up like the image added below:



You can change the color from green to red or other colors in option in the setting Page.

2. InTag ad Unit:

It basically scans whole webpage and display relevant what user is searching for & the landing page. It also shows in a tag cloud as shown in image below:

 InTag ad Unit


You can change the color from green to red or other colors in option in the setting Page. As well as you are allowed to use these ad unit on your blog post on your desired place such as top to bottom.

3. Infold ad Unit:

This ad is one of the best ad unit which increases the number of views for the users. Which directly appears infront of audience of landing page based on their search terms. These ads are highly targeted which delivers higher CTR. Check the example image below:


4. InFrame ad Unit:

Inframe ad units are another ad unit which are highly beneficial publisher point of view, it auto detect if the browser window is wider then your webpage or not, If it happens to be wide it shows the relevant ads in the Frame from the both side of the landing page you open.

5. InScreen ad Unit:

InScreen ad units is introduced newly by infolinks due which covers up the whole portion of the landing page. These ad Units are considered the best as it clearly pops up in the window. But if you are looking fto build user friendly blog i would not recommend it, but it can be highly beneficial from earnings point of view.

Refer your friend & get 10% from his/her Each Earnings:

This is one of the best features recently introduced by Infolinks. It allows you to refer your friend for using infolinks & benefit 10% of his total earnings every month, which you would keep on getting doing nothing. I personally like this because it is one of the very good opportunity for all the bloggers to refer your friends atleast 10+ and get 10% of their total earnings every month. Which means 50$ is minimum payout our of which 5$ is 10%. Now if you get 5$ from each referral you would be getting 50$ every month doing nothing but just referring your friend.

Sign Up for Infolinks.

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