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Best 5 Free Infographics Maker Tools List That’s Easy To Use

Infographics Maker Tools can be used for making infographics faster by saving your time. You can create it in very short time by using online free infographics maker tool without any technical work. We are sharing the list of infographics maker tools that are free and good for use.

In this generation, human life has become of rat-race. Hours of a day are not increasing. Hence, the list of our daily tasks is just getting longer day by day; making our life even busier and complicated apparently. So, the only thing we could do to keep our acceleration parallel to this on-growing high-speed lifestyle is making our every task short, quick and informative. Thanks to the revolutionary technology we have today, that serves our most requirements of life.


Infographic is one invention of technology that has been very convenient for representing relevant information quick and apparently. Colorful visual information with various figures is certainly far easier to remember than multiple lines of words that contain the same information. Converting a complex number of information into a piece of an attractive infographic is not simple to make or, one that can be done in a short period; though for the information receivers, it is just opposite of that.

That is why you are in need of various tools of infographics maker. These tools of infographics maker are very convenient in making appealing graphic information; thus, this boosts your work progress within a short period.

Best 5 Free Infographics Maker Tools:

There are many infographics maker tool available in the market, some of them are free of cost, and some come in the premium version. The deal is which one suits the best for your work. Here I have gathered some of my favourites with great functionalities. All you have to do is to pick up one of your choices and get started on it.


This infographic software is coded and programmed to give you the best outcome of your job. You can have an ease begin with its short tutorial, making your work even easier for you. This tool provides you various options you can choose according to your job whether it is project work or personal. The interface beautifully embedded with many templates for blogs, presentation, social media, and many more.


Price: free. You need to pay for Pro version.



Once you have used this infographic maker tool, you might be fallen in love with this already. It has everything you need for creating an impressive presentation, informative infographics, ad banners, animations and more. The best part of this tool is that it gives you a new graphic information automatically right at the moment you make changes to any visual. It has a large collection of images and icons from where you can choose one and embed to your presentation. Additionally, it allows you to insert YouTube videos into your design directly.


Price: Free for basic version



For infographics, this tool is one worth trying as this tool is coded mainly focusing on infographics. But, there are some negative points of this tool I have to mention about. is not the alternative if you require more than an infographic. It has no standard feature and guideline. It does not have an extensive library of images and themes. Plus the point is, your design can be easily downloaded in JPG and PDF versions.


Price: Free



Pikochart is one certainly best infographics maker tool in the list right now. It offers easy to use functionality, the large collection of templates and themes with high-quality designs; everything you need as a beginner, it offers. Its features are flexible and not restricted to only infographics design work, but it also allows you to make reports, create banners and many impressive presentations as well.


Price: Free, various packages also available



This tool is mostly advance on making charts of data. Its unique built-in spreadsheet feature lets you edit data with ease, and you are free to import XLXS, XLS AND CVS as well. If you are a paid subscribed user, you are also free good to save your designed infographics on your computer as PDF or PNS file. Additionally, you can insert YouTube videos into your infographics.


Price: Free, available pricing package.

Now, as you have a better knowledge of the best infographics maker that suits best for you, you shall give a start with designing many cool infographics. I can certainly bet you, these tools I have mentioned in the list here will provide you the best experience of making useful and informative infographics. Mark my words my friend.

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