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Indian Style Best Wedding Songs for a Grand Ceremony

best wedding songs for dance

Everyone dreams to make their wedding a special one with special appearances, as they tie a knot for a new relationship in front of all family members and friends. To make a wedding memorable there are many things to do but it is also true that without some wedding songs a wedding is a flop for song for dance

As in India, without nagin dance in weddings or in any good occasion is never complete. Be it your bothers-sisters, uncle-auties and friends; everyone will enjoy will full energy. And this is why a list of crazy or energetic tracks are needed to make a wedding more entertaining. Here is the list of top Indian wedding track that you can choose for a wedding and make everyone dance.

If you are getting married or any of your cousin, friend to be, you should check out these Indian wedding songs for crazy dances.

Top Best Indian Wedding Songs For Crazy Dance That You Should Keep In Playlist

Thanks to the Bollywood for giving plenty options to choose for wedding songs. And there are many dance tracks, but finding songs for marriage party could time consuming. So, let’s check out top rated best Indian marriage party songs.

1.Badri Ki Dulhania(title track):

This is my most favourite from the list, as this brand new song really match wedding ambience. And also a good music that can grab everyone attention for dance.

2.London Thumakda:

If you have watched this movie and saw the crazy moves of Kangana will boost you like her. And pretty sure everyone will enjoy this track in the wedding, as the song itself an energetic song for dance.

3. Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai:

The naughtiness of Salman with his unique dance moves and Anushka Sharma’s craziness about bass is something to be enjoyed. The song is very convenient for parties and obviously a perfect track for wedding dance session.

4.  Gal Mitthi Mitthi Bol:

To make everyone join in the dance section, Gal mitthi mitthi bol is the song from Aisha movie that you might need. This song can match everyone’s attention if you want to dance your friends and family with full of joy.

5.  Prem Leela:Prem leela is also a nice track choice for wedding dance part. With its whistle music is something to take the enjoyment of dance to another level.

6. Ainvayi Ainvayi: Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma, this couple cracked with their energetic dance in a wedding with this song. Why not, it is a nice wedding dance song that you can in your wedding dance song playlist.

7. Sadi Gali (remix): Sadi Gali may be one the most played wedding song after its release. The remix version of this song is more energetic and everything should love to dance in this wedding track.

8. Tune Maari Entryaan: Bappi Lahiri’s this song also quite decent to play in wedding and no doubt on his music. Isn’t it?

9.  Dance Basanti(Ungli): If someone is refusing to dance; simply you can play this song and make more fun full a wedding moment.

10.  Sasural Genda Phool: This is also one of my favourite songs, which is a slow track but a good music for dance as well.

Wedding day is a special day not only for those who getting married but also for its family and friends. With mixed emotions, overall it is a happy occasion for everyone. To make it more happier and special, wedding dance tracks are very worthful in the marriage ceremony. Hope, you will like the above list of Indian wedding songs and share your favourite songs for the weddings and I will update the list again.

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