5 Indian Street Foods Not To Miss in While Visiting India
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5 Indian Street Foods Not To Miss in While Visiting India

Street foods are something that none can avoid. They cost not much and it’s fun to have these street foods as they are available anytime anywhere. There is a huge range of street foods available around India that will tempt you to run and take a bite from Golgappe to Bada Pav to Bhel Puri and lot more.

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In case you are traveling anywhere in India anytime then in this post, I am going to bring you 5 Indian street food not to miss in India.

5 Indian Street Foods not to miss in India

#1: Momos

Momos are one of the popular Indian street foods that are loved by almost everyone. Momos is basically a migratory food to Tibet and Nepal. When it comes to choosing the street foods in India, you are not to miss this spicy and delicious momo. Momos are available in different variants.

5 Indian Street Foods Not To Miss in India

This hot and spicy street food in India are available in the roadside food courts, stalls, and now it is even available restaurants, malls, etc. that people are seen all over enjoying the tasty cum spicy street foods.

Not to forget, momos are served with tangy red spicy sauce along with hot steamed dumplings. This street food makes everyone tempting and forces us to drop into nearby food courts to get that spicy hot dumpling.

So, try out this popular Indian street foods and I am sure you will want for more.

#2: Puchka

Puchka is also favorite Indian street food that you should not miss in India. Although, Puchka is a Bengali version of Paani Puri and Golgappe famous around the country. To whichever place you visit in India, you must try out this tangy minty delights on the roadside.5 Indian Street Foods Not To Miss in India

Puchka’s or Paani Puri makes everyone passing by mouthwatering and finally force us to enjoy that spicy delights which one cannot resist. Other than spending huge for other costly fast food in hotels or restaurants, the best alternative would be Puchka served on the roadsides. What do you say?

#3: Kachori

Kachori is basically a simple roadside snack of Rajasthan. Now, this simple snacks has become one of India’s favorite roadside foods that everyone longs for.5 Indian Street Foods Not To Miss in India

Rajasthani Snacks Kachori is made of fine flours along with mixed vegetables and spices stuffed in it. They are round in shape. Most of the locals in India name this Kachori as Pakoras, Mawa, Baati Churma, and Khasta Kachori in Delhi.

So, if you are travelling to India anytime, you are sure to taste this spicy delight on the roadside and enjoy the snacks along with chutney.

#4: Mirchi Bajji

Mirchi Bajji is a well-known roadside snacks of Hyderabad. But now this spicy green Mirchi bajji is found all over India keeping all the passers-by to enticing.5 Indian Street Foods Not To Miss in India

This Mirchi bajji are stuffed with a variety of ingredients for better taste yet I would suggest, Hyderabadi style Mirchi bajji are the best.

#5: Chole Bhature 

Chole Bhature is a popular street food of Punjab. However, these Punjabi Street foods are much more popular in the other urban cities. For example, Delhi is one of the best places to grab this yummy and delicious Chole Bhature available in the food courts or stalls.5 Indian Street Foods Not To Miss in India

Chole Bhatures can be eaten as your breakfast or fast food snacks whenever you are hungry. Chole Bhature is just enough to satisfy your hunger that will serve you hot and never want to leave.

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So, these are the top 5 Indian Street foods not to miss in India if you are planning to travel anytime. These popular street foods will serve you best and up to your satisfaction that you will want to have more. There are lot more tempting Indian street foods which are not mentioned here. But for now, you can try out this popular snacks or fast food and experience the roadside Indian cuisine.

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