It has been brought to the limelight that in between May and July there has been a data breach. This Chief Operating Manager and Deputy Managing Director Manju Agarwal informed that the breach was discovered in the month of September. The Bank has proactively decided to change the cards of the customers.

SBI (State Bank of India) being the largest bank in the country has blocked around 600,000 cards to save its customers. Well, this was done because Card Network Companies like MasterCard, Visa and NPCI has informed the SBI that this data breach holds potential risks for some card owners. Other banks like HDFC, Axis, Yes Bank and ICICI has also been informed the same.

Indian ATM’s Hacked!! SBI, HDFC, Axis, Yes Bank Card Blocked!

The SBI deputy chief also included that right after the discovery of attack SBI has informed its customers of changing their ATM pin. Only 7% of the people have changed their ATM pin numbers. She also added that due to this reason SBI had blocked such a huge amount of cards. SBI is now recalling their cards so that the card owners won’t be at any risk.

People are mostly fooled by fraudulent calls. An unknown caller asks them to provide their Bank details, and they just give that out. The bank never asks for any information as they already have that with them.

How to keep your Bank Account’s Safe:

Some steps for keeping your Bank details safe have been provided below.

  • Avoid giving your bank information to unknown callers.
  • Refrain from using your ATM pin before changing it.
  • ATM pin numbers should be changed as soon as possible.
  • SMS alerts should be applied for.

Indian ATM’s Hacked!! SBI, HDFC, Axis, Yes Bank Card Blocked!

Indian ATM’s are quite prone to these kinds of attack because they run on outdated operating systems. More than 70% of the ATM’s run on outdated systems like Windows XP, whose support has already been halted by Microsoft. Not only that the Hardware Security Module is quite outdated too.

SBI has informed its card holders not to take this lightly and change their ATM pins as soon as possible.