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Basic & Simple Tactics to drive decent traffic in New Website

Hi guys I am Paul billygraham Reang, I am going to share you some of my experiences based on building up new website.While trying out various methods, I found some of the decent method which helped in boosting traffic on a brand new blog. I implement similar methods on my every new blogs which helps me in getting decent traffic as well as gaining good metrics for my website till it start performing good in search results.

 How to take a start with new blog?

I am going to share you easiest way to drive decent traffic to new blog. Firstly you have to understand that no one is going to love empty blog, which have nothing more than negative impression for your website. Taking few things seriously on mind, that if you happen to loose visitors just because they are visiting your empty  blog or having low quality content do you think it will be easy to pull them back?? “NO“.

Steps that I follow:

  • I firstly choose reliable hosting, Premium attractive themes & Domains.
  • Later I set up the website and add all important pages on my website, by placing all the right elements in the right place.
  • I start putting up contents on the website, but the articles that I start pushing are solely based on single topic till it gain some audience and authority.
  • I start building fan pages & start marketing on various platform by putting up my best contents.


increase traffic to blog

Reasons: You cannot let anyone invite to your blog with empty box in hand. Your first impression must be wow!! I mean your visitor should come back again to your site. Only if you are able to put up the best content and do proper marketing you will get better results. In this way you can build up long term audience by shouting about your new product at each and every place just to ensure that you don’t leave out anything behind you.

Note: First impression matters a lot, please do not promote your blog with empty box.

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How to start promoting blog to increase traffic to blog?

I know you want to increase traffic to your blog rapidly. But what if you do it in a better way by building your own brand. I say this a smart work to build reputation, traffic and brand at a time.

Reputation: To gain good reputation and trust it is always good to offer some freebies which are exciting enough and you must put up some best contents while doing this which will have lots of positive impact upon your blog.

It is always good to start focusing on one topic and focus very nicely on it, which extremely helps in building up quick targeted audience.  Your readers must know, what they are going to read in your blog. In other word I would say a niche blog or based on single topic. It makes easy to build reputed blog easily. As your reader will recognize you soon based on your niche.

Another important thing you should follow is!! Constantly  update your post regularly each day. Your blog is a new blog? than you should hardly miss a day without update. You must keep something new for your readers, updating regularly in your blog will definitely increase traffic to blog.

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Traffic building: Traffic building is nothing more than inviting guest your blog. Now I would say you must treat your guest very friendly. If any guest come to your blog, how do you treat your guest. Today you have guest in your blog, how will you treat your guest?

Today the difference is you are not going to speak him live. But You can treat your guest in a best way by giving your guest the easy and friendly design with friendly post. I always try to speak to you through my post, when you are reading my post.

Now another thing I would like to say is share your post on all the different websites wisely. Facebook, Google+, twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg Digg etc. Jump out in all the websites which can drive you traffic.

Facebook: Share only in your own timeline, page & different groups.

Google+: Join groups and share your posts on community with maximum active members.

Twitter: Focus on increasing your followers.

Other: Submit your link, share your post. It will increase traffic to blog all the time.

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How to increase your new blog quality and traffic?

Keep your blog updated regularly with new posts. If you want to say that you got good traffic by sharing post 10 times. So let me share 40 times on same platform to same people to drive massive traffic to new blog.That doesn’t work good in long term, you will end up getting nothing out of it.

Maintain frequency,instead of sharing in all groups at a time. Keep difference of time, between your each share, most of the active group members are also member in different groups. So if you share your 10 post in the 10 different group at once I must say it is a waste. Sometimes they are even considered as spam, so it is very good to keep variations while sharing your contents on various platforms.

Keep a good difference of time in every post sharing. It is another secret to increase traffic to blog by engaging guest in your blog.

This are few valuable tips I shared with you to increase traffic to blog. This way you can increase traffic to blog in short time, follow this to grab massive traffic to your blog.

Thank you very much for landing your time on my blog.

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Please let me know how did it help you?

Or it was useless?

Or you feel I missed out any points?

I am very eagerly waiting for your comments.

Thank you very much for reading the post keep visiting. I will give my 200% to help you out. You can contact me in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Hello Friends, I am Paul billygraham Reang CEO and Founder of ChromeTechny Networks Pvt. Ltd. company. I started blogging since 7th June, 2013 and took blogging as my full time career.
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