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Increase Jio Speed with 4 Effective and Simple Methods

how to Increase Jio speed

Jio has created a historical wave in India with its free internet service, which initially free and cheapest in the market till now. Being free internet service and for its reasonable internet charges, Reliance Jio has already crossed 100 crore users withing this short period. Because of its huge users’ load, Jio speed has settled down, if this happening with you increase Jio speed with upto 80mbps.

For its free 4G plan, Reliance Jio has seen a whopping increase of its users. Why not? As the other existing mobile operator where charging at an average of 250INR for 1GB. Jio was satisfaction for all internet user, but this is also been a common complaint about most Jio user for lower speed.Increase Jio speed with just few steps

However, in a recent report, Jio beats Airtel to be on the top in terms of internet speed. You can revert the speed if you facing lower 4G speed. Find the best way to speed up your Jio speed. Here I will give you all possible ideas to improve the speed of it.

How can a user increase Jio speed?

Increase Jio speed up to 80mbps with some possible steps that you can do with your Jio. Before stepping into speed boosting methods make sure you have a 4G SIM and you are in the Jio 4G coverage area. This is important to get the true 4G speed with your Jio SIM. Still, if you facing the same slower Jio data browsing experience follow the below-mentioned methods.

Increase Jio Speed By Changing APN:

By changing you can increase your Jio speed. To change your Jio APN Settings you have to follow some easy steps. Check out the below-given steps to counter Jio Speed.

  1. Before going further, restart your device.
  2. Make sure your data in shut off.
  3. Now to change the APN Settings; go to your device Settings.
  4. After that follow “Cellular Network“, after then “Access Points Names.”
  5. Find the Jio APN name, and edit it with some modification.
  6. Change APN Protocol from IPv4 to IPv4/IPv6.
  7. Now click on the Save button and with very possibilities, your Jio speed will increase.

In case, if the above doesn’t work out, don’t worry I will give you more solution to increase Jio speed. Check out more modification to increase your Jio speed.

Clear Your Device Cache:

Oh wait! Don’t be mistaken. Excessive cache in your device can interrupt your device performance very seriously. So you can download a good cache clearing app from your relative app store. For clearing cache from your device, you can install or use ES File Explorer or CC Cleaner. These apps are very well known cache cleaning app but if you want to do without manually. Follow the below steps to clear your device cache data manually.

  1. First of all, go to your device Settings.
  2. In next, navigate to device Storage.
  3. Now select Internal Storage, you will find “Cached data.”
  4. Click on the option, a confirmation wizard will pop-up immediately. Click on the “Delete” option and all cache will be cleared from your device.cache clear to get true 4g speed in Jio SIM

Increase Jio Speed for Rooted Device:

Now if you have rooted device, let me guide you in another method. Hope this method will help you boosting the speed of your 4G Jio internet speed. Follow the below guide if you are using Jio SIM on a rooted Smartphone.

  • At this part, firstly download the 4G speed optimizer app on your Android device.
  • Install the app on your rooted device and launch the app.
  • Go to the app tweak settings, where you can find network speed options.
  • Select Maximum Speed as 12/28/7; after that apply changes.
  • In next, immediately restart your device. Hope this should boost Jio 4G speed on your rooted Android device.

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Increase Jio 4G Speed after Data Exceeding:

For past days Jio giving 1GB/day for free and after exceeding this data, you’re limited to 2G speed. Well, after using 4G speed, 2G speed would not be a good deal for any user right? By the way, you can increase even after using the whole 1GB 4G daily data; to know how you should be reading below procedure.How to boost Jio speed easily

  • Install MyJio App and install all suggesting apps.
  • Now turn off data connection and find out the MyJio App from the list.
  • Again turn on the Internet Connection.
  • Now click on the Get a Jio Sim.
  • On the next screen, you will show 1GB Daily Limit Preview.
  • This will again increase your Jio speed from 2G speed to 4G speed.

Reliance is now one of the top mobile operators in India within just a few months. Free 4G from Jio one of the big reasons to gain 100 million users with this short period. But if you are facing the slower 4G experience then I hope above-mentioned methods will help definitely.

Try it now to increase Jio Speed easily and share your experience using the method. If you have more queries regarding this then let me know by commenting in the comment box.

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