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How Autopilot Micro-Niche Blogs Makes Me Extra Bucks Every Month?


Micro-niche blogging is one of the best money making method I had ever found. Micro Niche Auto-pilots blogs are easy ways to quick money with less load of work, but its more about smart work. I started blogging back on 2013, but for first 11 month I failed in making money as I just tried copying other big blogs. Later when I realized, I started fresh blog on 2014 April “Chrometechny” and started making good money from it.

Later I understood that not every blog post makes money in the blog until it is big enough to gain high authority which requires consistent work and good promotions too. back on 2014 end I started focusing on providing own services as I understood that having your products or services can maximize your earnings and started increasing the number of blogs.

At the time I started maximizing the number of blogs, there were several micro niche blogs which just requires one time work as the topic on those niche were very limited. The results of the sites were really awesome and very quick, some of the micro blogs even performed extremely well and still performing good since last 1 year.

One of our Long Term Micro Niche blog results started back on 2015 Aug:



If we talk about the investment parts I must say, investments play very important role in growing your business very fast. If you alone are multi-talented, its gonna be easy for you to get it done quickly with low investment. Otherwise investing money in the right place is going to be the best option.

If you are looking for quick growth regarding social media reach or search engine rankings, I would recommend investing some bucks in getting some quality links and social media promotion. But You should make sure that the links you buy from any third party or second party is trusted and, should maintain the privacy as it can hit you back anytime picking your keywords.


Micro-Niche blogging Results:

As per my experience, at this high competition race, micro niche blogging is the best solution. You cannot expect out of box results from micro niche blogs, but it definitely gives a steady income without any consistent work, its like a one time work and long term income. Micro niche blogs are good for quick success and making quick money from websites.

Adsense Earning

Micro-niche blogs are quite related to auto-pilot sites because it is something for which you don’t require any work further once the work for the site is completed. But the magic behind every micro niche’s success is good research. Good research in the sense, picking up some uncommon keywords which can be available in internet un-noticed or local stuffs which are popular in certain areas only.

For example you say Reliance JIO or Pokemon Go as your niche for micro niche blog, I would say not the best option [They are good if you have some strong strategy] because the big sites will come to play and the competition will keep on increasing in long run. So it may be helpful in making quick money but in long term, you might some more work too as it will have good competition.

2nd site

The 50% chances of success completely depend upon your topic. If you successfully manage to find out the right topic with high potential and high benefits, you can definitely make quick easy money.

Monetization method for micro-niche blog:

I am using Google Adsense and some affiliate products which are related to the niche.

To monetize your website firstly, you have to analyze why are you focusing on the particular topic. Once you pick up the topic you must be sure:

  1. What kind of visitors are you focusing?
    : -Are they looking for simple queries or they are looking for some products via those words.
  2. What are their requirements?
    Are they looking for the direct product or simple solution, if they are looking for a simple solution, is that related to any product?
  3. What may be useful for them?
    Can you refer them some product or you can offer them some tutorial to solve the issue.
  4. What are useful products for them?
    Is there any good products which is genuine good and useful for users who are
  5. After you successfully find out the above mentioned points its time for choosing your monetization method?
    Is your niche for new micro-niche blog having good product that can be sold or they are just looking for queries. If you they looking for queries than go for adsense or getting affiliated with the products related to your niche.

Simple Ways to find out micro niche:

To find out micro niches you have to spend some time on keyword research and pick up some low competition keywords with 2-3 word on the keyword. Now, you can directly buy the exact match domain or go for the related words in the domain name and build a static page website.

I am sharing you one example site, on which I worked earlier along with my SEO team., we are not working on it anymore but its still ranking, you can check its layout and other things too.

Static page website performs better as per my own experience in the search engine results. To find out the micro-niche keywords I personally prefer searching for those kinds of keywords which are related to products, books, tools or some free services which has high search volume.

Why micro-niches?

These are the easy and quick method that I had been using to build my micro-niche website, which doesn’t require a daily update. I work hard at starting and it gives me benefit in long run. I had worked on random topics, which may not be giving high conversion hence, I had been using 1 separate Adsense account for each microblog for safety.

For Now, I just started targeting affiliate products after trying my enough hand on various micro niches monetized with Adsense. Those are completely autopilot sites for which I just have to work for one time only. Once I am done with those stuff I am done and I didn’t require to give my hand again on it rather than just checking income reports.

Micro-niche blogs should be kept unrevealed because mostly those kind of blogs performs better on low competition niche. If you are sharing it with others opening within next few weeks you would see many other smart bloggers ranking higher than you on the keyword which you found out. There is no need of inviting few dozens of competitors on your niche.

Micro-niche blogs have always some advantages in search engine ranking because they are completely based on single niche only. Now, it is very simple and basic concept that blog which is more targeted will have more advantage in the long run if optimized properly in terms of SEO.

These are some of the reasons why I personally love working on the micro-niche blog. If you have any better option or ideas kindly share with our users and kindly leave us feedback if you liked our articles or not. If you need any help you can ping me anytime on my Facebook or mail me your queries.

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