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Hyundai Kona | Upcoming Hyundai Compact SUV Car

Hyundai is again ready to launch a new compact SUV car in the market which will be based on the Hyundai i20 hatchback. After the successful release of Hyundai Creata, not the Hyundai have come up with the new idea to again launch a compact SUV car in the market which will be fully based on the Hyundai i20 hatchback. The new Hyundai Kona is named after the biggest island of Hawaii which is especially known for its strong Sea Breeze. This new Hyundai compact SUV car will be manufactured in the Hyundai manufacturing industry in Korea.


The new Hyundai Kona will be up for the Indian automobile market soon. But as I have said that this compact SUV is totally based on the i20 hatchback, so the new Hyundai Kona engine and other specification, will also be made on the same platform. In India, the Hyundai Kona will be competing with cars like Ford Ecosport, Vitara Brezza, TUV300 and Honda WRV.

Let’s have a quick look at the features and the specification that the new Hyundai Kona is going to have in it. But before saying all that, I just want to say that the car is going to be filled with new tech. The Hyundai Kona will be placed between the Hyundai Creata and Hyundai Tucson in the portfolio of the company. So let’s check out if the car is ready to be the best compact SUV car in India.

Unveiling the New Hyundai Kona:

So let’s unveil the new upcoming the Hyundai compact SUV car, so first, let’s start with the mechanism specification of the new car.

Specification of the Hyundai Kona:

Hyundai Kona is likely to come with three engine variants, so you will most probably see the Hyundai Kona with the 1.2 L petrol engine, 1.4L Turbocharged petrol engine, and 1.4L turbocharged diesel engine. So in the Hyundai Kona, you will have more engine option to buy.

The Hyundai Kona seems to have a smaller engine, but the car is having 5-speed manual transmission system and 4-speed automatic gearbox, but if you choose for the automatic transmission, you should know some of the don’ts factor in the auto transmission car. The engine is likely to produce a maximum power of 99 bhp and a peak torque of 220 Nm, this is enough energy to give the car high speed of 180km/hr.

This is all about the power of the new compact Hyundai Kona, now let’s have a look at the mileage of the car. With the 1.2L petrol engine, you are likely to get 18km/ltr. in city road, with 1.4L petrol engine, you will most probably get 16km/ltr. in the city road and with the 1.4L turbocharged diesel engine you will easily get 22 km/ltr. so I don’t think you will need to follow some of the tricks to save fuel. So overall looking with the new Hyundai Kona based on the i20 Hatchback has a good mileage, which will be good for all Indian.

the new kona

This is all about the specification of the new Hyundai Compact SUV car that is the Hyundai Kona. Now let’s check out the exciting features that you will get in this new generation car from Hyundai.

Features of the new Hyundai Kona:

Hyundai Kona has got many new features added to it, so let’s check out all the features of the car.

  1. The new touchscreen-enabled infotainment system of the Hyundai Kona car is really amazing, You can view navigation and also you can get access to the rear camera when you are going to reverse gear.
  2. The Kona is expected to come with power windows in all the 4 windows.
  3. The car is supposed to have all the necessary safety features like 6 airbags, ABS, EBD, Rear camera, parking sensors and dynamic control.
  4. The car has got a newly designed steering wheel, which has got a sporty finishing.
  5.  The company has said that this car will have the silent ever cabin. So the car cabin will be the best place for you to relax after work.

So these are all the features that the new Hyundai Kona is supposed to have when it is launched in the market. As this is the expected features, I can not be sure about the features, but I can only tell that the company will add the best features in this new compact SUV car.

Reviewing the exterior and interior of the Hyundai Kona:


The new Hyundai Kona design is inspired from the Hyundai Intrado and the car is based on the i20 Hatchback. Looking in the front of the Hyundai Kona, it has got a big grill with Hyundai logo in it which is inspired from the Hyundai i30, the LED projector headlamp, LED DRLs and the LED indicator light really make the car from the next generation.

The small curtains in the side for air intake look really cool, both in the front and in the rear. Now coming to the rear side of the car, you will see that the car is having separate LED tail lamp which looks amazing. In the rear, you will be amazed to see that now Hyundai have come up with single and bigger exhaust and finally the big Hyundai logo in the rear make the car perfect.

Compare the Kona with the new Tata Nexon Geneva Edition.

How can I miss out the newly designed door? Just like the Rolls Royce, now Hyundai Kona will have an inverted door opening system to make the car looks more classy.


Coming to the interior of the new Compact SUV car from Hyundai, it is expected that it is going to have a bigger space than the Hyundai Creata. The seats of the car are all newly designed for giving you better comfort and everything inside the car is like the next generation experience.

The car is going to have a completely a new dashboard which will only have a steering wheel, meter cluster and infotainment system. The mid-console is made techy with lots of flip switch. Coming to the rear seat, it is very comfortable as you are getting a better space and well-cushioned seat.

Have a look at the Gallery of the car:

Price & release date of the new Hyundai Kona:

Coming to the price of the car, the Hyundai Kona is probably going to be from 6 lakh to 12 lakh. So the price of this car is quite low from all the other cars from its segment like Ford Ecosport etc. because all the other car in it’s segment starts from 7.50 lakh and ends up in 15 lakh. So if you compare the Hyundai Kona is far better than the other car in its segment.

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Now to the release date of the new Hyundai Kona, the next generation Hyundai Compact SUV car is soon going to launch in India by the mid of 2018.

Check out the video of the Hyundai Kona:

So these are all about the new Hyundai Kona which is based on the Hyundai i20 hatchback, most part of the car is still expected. So we can only hope that this car is going to introduce many new features. To know more about the upcoming cars and tricks to drive a car, hit the subscribe button.

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