If you don’t know how to use Skype without an account then let me help you using it with an easy process. As now everyone is making video calls and video chat everywhere, so even Skype has a new innovative feature. Particularly speaking of the Skype account, whenever you download the app or use it on your PC browser, you always need to create an account.

And also the account use Skype credit to make the calls which are very complicated. But now Skype have brought to you new features that will allow you to make any video chat or calls for free and also use Skype without an account.

How to use Skype without an Account

This new feature to use Skype Without an account is very important for all the users who is wondering to use the Skype. So even if you are a skype user or non-skype user, you still have the chance to use the free video calling feature.

And also more interestingly the receiver of your Skype call will not require downloading Skype on their phone or PC to make the video chat or call. So these are a totally new way for making the video calls in Skype. And also the procedure to use the Skype without an account is very easy.  Let us now get into the process for using the Skype without an account.

How to Use Skype Without an Account on your PC & Phone?

Well, before starting the tutorials let us make clear about the requirement that you will be needing while using Skype without an account on PC or Phone.

When you are using the Skype on PC, make sure you run the skype on your Chrome, Mozilla, browser for better accessibility. Need good speed the internet, and webcam on your PC. While for using the Skype on your phone, you should have the internet or WiFi connection on your phone. Skype supports on both Android and iOS device.

Skype without an Account

Use Skype without an account on Windows PC

  • Open your PC browser and enter into the official site of Skype.com
  • Now you will be entered into the Skype homepage.
  • From the first page itself, you will find the Start a conversation button. Click to continue
  • in the next page, you will be asked to Enter your name, and then click Start a conversation below.
  • Finally, you will get into the Web.Skype.com which is the official guest homepage for making skype chat.

How to use Skype without an Account

Well, these are all not enough to make the video calls. If there is no one to receive your Skype call, then it is not possible to make the Skype Video Calls. And thus here below is the following steps which will help you to connect with your friend to make a video call.

Note: Entering a name is important and they do not resemble that of creating an account. Each day you can enter a new name, so do not get confused with the name and creating an account.

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Make Video calls in Skype without an Account

  • Once you have entered into the Web.Skype.com, now you have to copy the link.
  • The link is the main key for your and your friends to make the video call without creating an account.
  • Copy the link which is located to the left of the screen.
  • Now send the link, to your friends via Facebook, Email or other sources.
  • Once the link is sent and delivered to your friend, now the person should open and click on the link.
  • Once the link is clicked, he or she will get redirected to the official Skype site to make or start the conversation.
  • Finally, you can have free and high-quality video calling with Skype.

Skype without an Account

After you have started a conversation, now you are ready to start as a guest but the link will get expired immediately within 24 hours. And if you want to make the chat on next day, you should create new chat account and get the link.

Note: the duration for using the without an account on Skype is only 24 hour, so to use the account you will have to follow the same process to get the link. So it is better to create an account once and use the Skype permanently.

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About the Copy Link

This link which you get after creating the conversation, you are now a guest user and this will only last for 24 hours. You can send this link to your friend using the ordinary SMS, Email, or invite via Facebook. So after your friend has received the link, you can start making video calls and also text messages for 24 Hours.

Important Note: if you are sending the link using the PC to another PC, with just a single click you will enter into the Skype video calling section.

Use Skype without an account on your Phone

The Link for making Skype video calls can only be generated using the PC. So if you are using the phone, you cannot create a link and become a host. Besides, the only way to use Skype without an account on phone is being the recipient of the call.

Steps to follow:

  • Once you have received the Link via Email, Facebook or other sources, now click & open the link.
  • after you have open the link, you will directly enter into the Skype connected to the host (friend)
  • Now finally you can start the conversation.

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And these are the easy process by which you can make the video calls for free and use the Skype Without an Account. Before, the Skype was very popular for making calls but was not used widely as the users have to create an account. And this issue is quite annoying and thus now the brand new Features of Skype is now launched hoping to get the better as video calling application.

So this is a must try features, you can easily create a link and stay connected with your friend without having any account.