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How to Setup Reliance JioFi 2 for 4G Hotspot Connectivity?

How to Setup Reliance JioFi

Ever since of its official launch, Reliance Jio seemed to be making wider hype over the time. I have observed many committing to switch their mobile phones to 4G just to grab the Jio 4G service. Following the trail of such sudden demand of 4G devices, I have made a list of Most Affordable 4G Smartphones for Reliance Jio.

Now, if you wish to make the Jio 4G connectivity available in the entire house, or you need to Use the service in multiple devices, Reliance JioFi modem device is a better option than just activating HotSpot connectivity in your 4G Smartphone.

Using Reliance JioFi device, you will able to make your Computer and other handy devices online. Other members of your family or you don’t have to use Reliance Jio Sim card on their phones. Only one single Reliance Jio sim is required to connect multiple devices in your home.

Features of Reliance JioFi

Main Reliance JioFi features to be listed out are:

  • A portable modem device with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • This device can be connected to a Computer by USB port
  • Total 10 devices can be connected to it via Wi-Fi
  • Jio Welcome Offer also available (Till 31st December 2016) with this device
  • Voice Calls, HD Video Calls, and messaging can be done in 2G/3G devices (Connected to JioFi) using Jio4GVoice App
  • If fully charged, 2300 mAh battery can run up to 6 hours
  • It is very light in weight and handy
  • A free Jio Simcard is given with Reliance JioFi

How to Setup Reliance JioFi for 4G Hotspot Connectivity?

One thing about Reliance JioFi that attracted me is that freedom of using any kind of Smartphone. The device can be set for use easily.

How to Setup Reliance JioFi

Follow the below instruction to get your Reliance JioFi portable HotSpot Ready for use.

Step 1:  Insert the Jio Sim card in the JioFi sim slot.

Step 2: Note the Password and SSID name down located nearby the Sim slot.

Step 3: Now, place the battery back to it and cover the back.

Step 4: Put the JioFi device on charging to get some charge in it.

Step 5: Next, turn on the device by pressing its power button.

Step 6: Now connect your mobile or computer via Wi-Fi network or USB.

Note: For connecting via Wi-Fi, you will need to select the SSID name and then enter the Password that s noted down earlier.

If your Jio sim card is not activated or verified yet, you won’t be able to access Internet using that sim card in the JioFi portable router.

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How to Activate/Verify Reliance Jio Sim for JioFi Wi-Fi?

To activate the sim card, you will need to follow the below instruction.

Step 1: Firstly, you will have to install JioJoin App in your Smartphone.

Step 2: Now follow the e-KYC method to get your Jio sim activate in 15 minutes.

Note: As soon as your Jio sim is activated, a confirmation message will be delivered to the alternate number you have provided during Sim registration. This will still need to be verified to gain free Voice call and Data Balance. 

Step 3: Keep your JioFi router on with the sim inserted in it. Now, connect your phone with the JioFi using the existing SSID and Password.

Step 4: Now launch the JioJoin App in your phone and it will generate a One-Time-Password (OTP) to the alternate number you have provided.

Step 5: Enter this OTP in your JioJoin App.

Step 6: Now call for Tele-Verification at 1977 and provide the details of your documents.

Once your Tele-Verification is successful, your Jio 4G service will be activated in about 15 minutes.

What to do if Jio Tele-Verification Not Working? Here is The Easiest Trick

Now you are good to go with Jio 4G Internet service. The hotspot SSID name and Password are unique in each JioF device and printed underneath the device battery. In order to keep your internet service safe and secure, you got to change the default SSID and Password.

In order to keep your internet service safe and secure, you got to change the default SSID and Password.

How to Change Reliance JioFi Hotspot SSID and Password?

The existing Reliance JioFi Hotspot SSID and Password can be changed easily whenever you want. This can be done even before activating your Jio Sim card.

Step 1: Connect your Smartphone or PC with JioFi router using the same SSID and Password.

Step 2: Launch your web browser and then go to jiofi.local.html or just enter 192.168.1.

Step 3: One the modem settings is opened, enter username and password to login.

Step 4: Now go to the Wi-Fi section and then edit the existing SSID name and password as you want to keep them.

Step 5: Finally hit the “Apply” button and then proceed to reboot your JioFi router.

Step 6: Once your router is rebooted, connect it to your device using the new SSID and Password.


Now your JioFi is all set to serve you secured high-speed 4G internet connectivity. This is How to Setup Reliance JioFi 2. Now you can share one single Jio 4G connectivity with everyone else in your home. JioFi 2 device is a very handy device that you can carry this device wherever you go.

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