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How to Run iOS Apps on Android | Convert iOS Apps to Android – Cycada

Run iOS Apps on Android

A software engineer of Columbia University has discovered an emulator known as the Cycada also called Cider. With the help of this emulator, you can run iOS appS on Android devices. Cycada or Cider will help your device to be able to perform any iOS app on your Android device.

run iOS apps on Android

The emulator was tried on a Nexus 7 phone which has operated very well without any critical issues.

Even though the performance was not satisfactorily, there are a lot of chances of improvement in the coming days.

In some cases, the iOS apps failed to access for locations, GPS and cameras because of the unsupported hardware features or incapability of the Android device.

What is Cycada or Cider?

Cycada APK download

Cider is one of the best Emulator to perform the iOS applications or games on your Android device. Using the Cider tool you can grab any of your favorite iOS apps into your Android phones. The cider emulator comes for free without any data charge.

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Why is Cider Necessary?

As we know that the iOS apps are not supported on Android device. The apps developed by the Apple are not accessible from any other device as they are meant to be run only on iOS devices. Most of us want to grab an iOS device but failed to afford it. The Cycada open the door to access into iOS apps through your Android device. It will allow you to access the premium iOS apps on any Android device.

How the Cider Works?

Generally, Cider or Cycada is an Emulator tool used to convert iOS Apps to Android.

Cider is an emulator that can be installed and used as a virtual window. Of course, a convenient program to run iOS apps on Android devices. The installed Cider emulator will automatically convert iOS apps into Android apps without any changes in the code.

convert iOS Apps to Android

It is developed by the combination of the compatible methods that mainly includes the two mechanisms compile-time code adaptation and some related functions.

Compile-time code adaptation avails the present foreign codes. These codes to be used once more in the domestic kernel by dropping the implementation effort. That is necessary for supporting the multiple binary interfaces for executing native and also other apps.

The diplomatic function has the ability to control the per-thread personas and avail other apps for using its native libraries to access the proprietary hardware and software interfaces.

How to Run iOS Apps on Android Devices Using Cycada?

We all know that Android has a larger App database comparing to iOS. Regardless of this fact, there are some iOS Apps that are far beneficial than any in the Android platform. Now, you can have such iOS App on your Android device.

All you got to do is download the App from iOS App stores and convert it to APK format. For that, firstly you will have to get Cycada in your Android device installed.

Here is step by step to download and install Cycada.

Step 1: Tap or Click on the below link to download Cycada Emulator for Android.


Step 2: After clicking on the above link, you will be taken to a web page. Select and download Cycada APK from the site.

Step 3: Once Cycada APK is downloaded, open the file and install it on your Android device.

After successful installation of Cycada, you are good to get into it. Using this tool, you may now convert iOS Apps to Android.


Cider tool is completely risk-free to use. It is perhaps one of the best emulator ever out for converting iOS Apps to Android ones. In case you face any issue in Cycada download and to convert iOS Apps to Android, or run iOS Apps on Android using Cycada, feel free to ask for suggestion.

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