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Recycle Old Post by Auto-sharing on Various Social Networking Sites?

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Recycling a old blog post is very important thing that most of us actually miss out. Most of the blogger who always want evergreen earnings likes to work on evergreen blogs too, there are many post which we write but it gets old time by time. For new readers it never gets old but it works as one of the most needing guide.

If you have meaningful and complete helpful guide than you can use article to improve your blog readership. You believe it or not but the hard truth is any blog becomes popular because of 1 extra ordinary article. But to keep it popular always we need high quality contents to be maintained always.

I myself have been facing this problem in past 1 year, I realize that while updating new post with new ideas I forget to share my old post thinking readers have read it. But what I always find is new readers always visits and appreciates which clearly means its helping them.

When you just start a new blog for new blogs it don’t matters much because we don’t have bundles of contents. Once you keep growing and start storing your blog with 100’s & 1000’s of post it seems impossible to keep sharing all those post again in social again and again. We always have new readers and new friends, follower’s in social networking sites. For them your old post are also fresh as well as that might be the most attractive post which they find useful.

Why Should I give importance to my old post?

Once we take a deep breath and think after reading the question: If you have good readers/ traffic who visits your blog today again and again is because of your yesterdays excellent works? Or because you will write excellent post tomorrow?…

They don’t really know what you will do tomorrow, but your readers surely know what you have done yesterday. Which clearly says that you are today popular or about to be popular because of your past old blogs. It means you have already a high quality bundles of content with you, now its up to your smart how you make use of it to keep marketing your blog.

Do you know many bloggers leave working on some blogs because they are penalized at some points, resulting slip of ranking of the old blog post from search results. If you want your old blog post keep ranking like ever before keep updating those old post, not whole post but adding few lines won’t take much time of yours. Because you always care your old & new contents your readers will always feel interesting.

This not only helps your readers to learn something new each time, but it also helps in improving ranking

Build .Edu & .Gov backlinks for your blog for improving your ranking.

How to Recycle them by sharing on social media networking sites?

Easiest and necessary steps that you must follow to keep your old post fresh:

To keep your old post fresh it is not only important to share your post again and again in social networking sites, but you must keep your post updated with some new fresh contents. If you are sharing your post on the same place over and over again without any changes, it may work for a time but they will stop coming to that particular post until you keeps anything fresh contents their.

I always prefer sharing in social media on my timeline by sharing some important points related to the that which helps in driving good amount traffic. It also leaves a good impression to others driving more targeted traffic to your blog.  However, when it comes to 1000’s of content in single blog, its never a possible thing to share bulks of post.

Use this Auto Sharing tools/plugins for Social Networking sites:

Best Auto sharing tool for Social networking site I prefer:


This is the tool which I use for my autoshare in different social network. I love the features integrated in this tool using which I can multiple accounts on different social networking sites. It is very normal thing for any entrepreneur to keep using multiple account on different social networks for different purpose.

Using this tool you can simply authorize multiple Twitter account, Facebook account & others etc. This makes very easy to handle all your account and also you can easily share in all the accounts by single share. This saves lots of useful time for each entrepreneur to start working on some other new projects/blogs and without wasting any more time for sharing your post on different communities.


It is extremely helpful tool for someone who is handling a very huge numbers of social account as well as multiple websites.

I personally use this tool for my busy schedule, as well as I am recommending this tool to my readers and they also found it useful.

My Strong Believe:

When you share some important points which might help some other readers, they also love to respond good to your post by sharing it in social media. Recently I wrote about “ You are killing your blog by doing common blogging mistakes we make“. Where I added very practical things which I faced before starting with ChromeTechny blog.

After adding valuable points and helpful guides I got very good response from ChromeTechny readers via comments. This not only makes me feel good but also I feel very lucky find such a good readers.

After all this happened I also found my post getting good responses from my readers with social shares with positive attitudes.


This makes me realize always that what we need to do is, just focus on the quality rather than publishing post and sharing it in social networking sites for traffic. But if you start writing to teach other some important points you will start getting good responses from your readers automatically.

 Good plugin for WordPress:

Today every blogger prefer using WordPress as you clearly know WordPress is one of the best platform. Hence, developers are always moving one step ahead to provide very flexible user friendly in providing everything that an users needs. Developers playing very important role in this have made WordPress platform more lovable and flexible.

Revive Old Post.

Download this plugin and install it.

  • Go to plugin.
  • Add new plugin.
  • Upload new plugin
  • Activate & go to settings.
  • Authenticate to your Social accounts.

This plugin have one special features which I like the most, you can exclude few selected post which you don’t want to share. Most of your post might be about some seasonal stuff which don’t attract readers all the time, those kind of articles you can avoid and share the selected articles only using this plugin.

Other Tool Which I haven’t Used But I have seen other using it:

  1. Social publish.
  2. WP-AutoSharePost.
  3. MailChimp Social.

This are tools which I came across and found it useful. If I had missed out any points while going through your the whole article, please let me know via comment. It will be extremely helpful for all the ChromeTechny readers, I am very thankful to you for landing your time.

Secrets always keep breaking down about how to write blogs like professional bloggers.

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