For a lot of people, Facebook has become a platform to stay in touch with each other. Phone calls have lessened and social media updates are increasing in number. With so many of your own personal files on your Facebook account, its users will never want its own account to be hacked. Removing all the personal files with the hacker is the main issue. So, how to recover hacked Facebook account? Indeed, without any question, we provide you a guide and its step by step method. With the below-mentioned methods, one can easily get recovered from hacking account.

how to recover hacked facebook account

Just a day before, one of my mates Facebook accounts was being hacked. He said, “My Facebook account is being hacked and the password change”. And then he asked me a way to recover a hacked Facebook account since I was a tech expert. I guess you must have heard many accounts being hacked with a large number of usages. As a result, the account owner lost the other entire manager. As Facebook is the most common social media site, the account usually gets hacked. In this case, check the guide for how to recover hacked Facebook account.

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How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account?

What else do you want when your FB account is being in control? Well, getting recovered your hacked FB account is the best thing. Follow the steps given below for recovering;

  • Firstly, you must inform the administrator that your account is being hacked by visiting

comprising your account

  • Now the site will provide you another result, hit on the My Account is compromised.
  • You will be automatically taken to another page where you have to type in your e-mail address or your phone number for recovery and click on the search button. If your account hasn’t been hacked then you may cancel this process.
  • Now Facebook will help you to search your own users. However, if you miss finding your own accounts then try other emails.
  • As you get your profile picture click on the picture and type the password that you remembered. Unlikely account hackers do change the password the moment they hacked the account. But if your old password is still working well then go ahead and log in normally.

your account

If you wish to get a direct link to for recovery of hacked account then click here. When a message pops up you have typed the old outdated password, you must click on the reset my password option. However, if you want to stop accessing your new password to hackers account then tap on the no longer have access to these. Now you can finally get access to your account, type your email in which you wish to get the link to your password. Follow the steps given and this is the best way for how to recover hacked Facebook account.

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  • First, make sure you visit,
  • Now as your account is being hacked click on the above mentioned Forgotten Account

forgot password

  • Follow the instructions given on the screen and identify the phone number to reset your password. The code will be sent via SMS.
  • The moment you receive the code to reset your password, type that code on your reset password link. Hit the submit button for final processing.

As you could finally reset your password make sure you change the security and privacy settings of yours. Since the hacker also got a clue about your email address makes sure you also reset your email details.

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So this is how to recover hacked Facebook account easily. Therefore, as you are heading to the recovery steps, be very sure to follow the instruction carefully provided on the screen. If you find any errors to fix the problems then I will try as much as I can to help you out. Meanwhile, I will also try updating more solutions to your issues. Apart from that if you have explored some answers to your queries then sharing your ideas would be great.