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How To Record Audio From Online Music Streaming Site?

Record Audio From Online Music Streaming Site

As now all of us uses the internet, so now we do a maximum of the things with the help of internet. Hence we also do listen to almost every song on the internet online, but some of our favorite songs we would want to download and sometimes, we are lucky enough to get a download link of the song which we want to download and keep it personally on our PC or on our cell phones.

Never mind if you can’t download your desired songs, the internet gives you many other sites through which you can listen audio online anytime anywhere, there are lots of amazing sites through which you can enjoy streaming audio and play your favorite audio for free, from the site or any online radio station.


No matter you can stream your best songs online for free, but if you are having your favorite songs in your personal device downloaded, then it is a big advantage. You can listen to that song any time on your personal device even if internet connection is not there, and you can share with your friends, within your families and enjoy listening as many time as you want. You don’t need to worry about your data and no buffering, and even you don’t need to search just go to music player and play.

Now suppose you got the song which you like on the internet, but after searching for hours and hours on the internet you didn’t find the download link of that song, and it’s only available to stream online. It’s time-consuming, so today I’m going to tell you about some ways to save the music you love on your PC even if the download link of that particular song is not given in the sites.

Best way to record audio:

  1. Using Window Stereo- mix: In your PC Microsoft itself has given us a software called Stereo-mix which comes like a sound driver, and it is available in every version of windows. Actually, it is given for recording music from an external device like microphone etc. but we can use this device for recording the audio within the computer.Hence we are able to use this app to record the music while streaming in the internet from any site or from any online radio station.

stereo mix

Let’s give a look in the steps to be taken to save the audio with Stereo-mix:

  • First of all, right-click on the speaker icon present on the right-hand side of the taskbar and do select the ‘recording device.’
  • And then again right click on the blank space in setting box and tick on choose on ‘show disable devices.’
  • And again right click on the Stereo mix option and do select Enable option.
  • Now disable another microphone device by right clicking on them and also select Disable option given.
  • So now click on Apply button and then Ok button.
  • Now open the start menu and type ‘sound recorder’ at its search box and press the enter key.
  • Now open your browser and navigate from where you want to record the audio.
  • Now click on Record audio present at Sound Recorder box.
  • Now play the audio from the page.
  • Now play the audio and wait till it finishes, now click on stop button at the Sound Recorder box and then save anywhere on your PC.

This all are the steps if you want to save the audio by using Stereo-mix.

You can also use some powerful software:

If you are having problem with the above steps that I have discussed, you can also go for softwares which will help you to save your songs.

  1. Active MP3 Recorder: This is a very great app is also another problem solution, it helps you to download songs easily, and the software also supports WAV, Mp3, WMA, OGG and many others and lets you record your song in this format.

You can also suggest any other app you know in the comment box below.

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