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How To Make Your Hair Grow Long Like Rapunzel | Easy Tips And Tricks

how to make your hair grow

Though there is no alternative for making your hair grow long like a Rapunzel. However, in a month your hair grows half an inch and with an extra care and maintenance, you can have longer hair easily. Do you remember the one long haired best friend from your school or college life? One must maintain a healthy living style, if you wish for a Rapunzel-like hair then I will solve your problems how to make your hair grow long.

how to make your hair grow

Most importantly, also make sure that you do not damage your hair by heating or styling it too much. Just keep it natural and follow some home remedies to grow hair faster within a week.

 The Technique: How to make your Hair Grow Long:

You must know that it is never possible to grow your hair overnight. But ultimately with necessary tips and natural remedies, one can get lustrous beautiful long hair. All things considered, let us proceed on the tips and tricks.


how to make your hair grow

Well, to grow your hair longer you also need to follow some regular trimming. Therefore, split ends will never have a possibility to arise. Not only that, it will also keep your hair tips clean and healthy. Once your split ends reach up to your hair then you will have no choice other than to chop it off. So make sure to be very strict with your hair and trim it after every 10-12 weeks if you want longer healthy hair.

Eat Good Protein Rich Food:

Just as your body needs protein for the well being of your health, your hair also needs rich protein diet like fresh dry fruits and nuts. Chicken, cheese, eggs, fish etc, this must be added to your healthy diet lists. All this protein rich foods nourishes your hair as well as your scalp.

how to make your hair grow

All the vitamins, iron magnesium is way more necessary for building up your lustrous hair. Also, include fresh vegetable and fruit juices, drink them regularly. Not to forgot, those Omega-3 fatty acids also helps to grow your hair.

How to Make your Hair Grow Long With Scalp Massage:

how to make your hair grow

Deep massaging your hair will vibrate all the hair follicles and stimulates blood flow to the scalp. In any case, deep condition your hair with some coconut or olive hot oil treatment. Firstly, apply the hot oil to your hair and leave it for an hour. Now gently massage your scalp for 5-6 minutes. Finally, rinse your hair with shampoo followed by conditioner. Follow the method once in a week.

Castor Oil and Vitamin E Capsules:

how to make your hair grow

Castor oil contains Vitamin E which helps in the development of new hair growth. As a result, when mixed with Vitamin E capsules, it does a wonderful magic to your hair. Take a bowl and add castor oil according to your hair length. Now cut the tip of Vitamin E capsules and pour it in castor oil. Now mix both the ingredients together and apply it to roots and tips of your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it with shampoo and conditioner.

Fresh Aloe Vera Juice:

how to make your hair grow

Aloe vera has a good source of anti-oxidants that helps with the development of hair. Apart from that, it also gives you dandruff free scalp. Not only that, it also restores the natural shine. simply extract the gel from the fresh aloe vera and apply it to your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off with shampoo.This is the faster home remedies to grow hair within a month. You can also mix the extract with few drops of lemon.

Homemade Hair Mask:

How to make your hair grow long like Rapunzel? This is the question, am I right? Well, homemade hair mask can also do wonders but you must know what are the ingredients. Eggs have amazing proteins that will help you to get Rapunzel-like hair. They also contain, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus etc. I will list down three methods of applying egg hair mask.

how to make your hair grow

  • First method: Break two eggs and mix it with lemon and fresh milk. apply it to your hair, wait for 30 minutes and wash with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Second method: Whisk two egg yolks and mix olive oil in it. Now apply it to your hair, after half an hour rinse just like the first method.
  • Third method: Break an egg and mix some few flours in it. Now add few drops of lavender oil and grapeseed oil. Apply to your hair and after 30 minutes wash it as normal with shampoo and conditioner.

Follow any of the hair mask methods once in a month and get effective results.

Turn Your Hair Upside Down:

how to make your hair grow

Turning your hair upside down will boost up your blood circulation giving you a healthy hair. Just flip your hair once a day for 5-10 minutes and you will see the results.


how to make your hair grow

Meditation is another name to live a stress-free life. As a result, hair grows longer within no time when you live a stress-free life. As stress and tensions in life brings to natural disaster to your hair & overall body, why not live a calm life. Follow breathing exercises, yoga asanas, and also sleep is needed for at least 8 hours at night. Also, read some post hair smoothening tips for long hair. 

More tips and tricks (How to make your hair grow long):

  • To grow your hair faster and thicker, you also need some nutrients like hair boosting supplements. But before you do that, make sure you consult a doctor.
  • Do not comb your hair when it is wet because this will break down more extra hairs. Instead, comb it gently like a spun from gold when its dry.
  • Replace your cotton pillowcase and shift to a satin pillow cover. This will prevent your hair from breakage.
  • Buy a super soft microfiber towel and throw away the massive towel that you are using.
  •  Do not use heating tools like hair curler and straightener often.
  • Dry your hair naturally, instead of hair dryer because this will dry all the oils from your hair which leads to dry hair.

Finally, now that you know how to make your hair grow long with the above-mentioned tips and tricks which will help you with faster and thicker hair home remedies. Do follow them for a longer hair within less time. And also with this tricks, you can get longer looking hair for your wedding. After that, you can try the wedding hairstyles for a mesmerizing look.

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