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How to Make Money from Bigo Live Video Call App? Pro Tips To Make Online Money

how to make money with bigo live increase beans

Did you know Bigo Live video call app can let you earn the real money? Now that’s pretty awesome, right? Know every detail here for How to Make Money from Bigo Live Video Call App, Also, know how to increase diamonds in Bigo live app or how to increase beans in Bigo Live app. Bigo Live is a new social media app with very innovative video broadcasting features. Here you will not only like its live video call, free calls, with your favorite users using Bigo Live. Despite going live in the social media and broadcasting yourself in front of the world, you can also make online money with Bigo Live video call app. Increasing beans in this app know how to exchange Bigo beans to to make money with bigo live increase beans

There are many good things that you can do while you are broadcasting yourself. With the help this broadcasting, you can show your talent to the world where more views mean more exposure to the world and there are more chances for you to get more popularity. And finally, more exposure in Bigo Live  Video Call app will give you more beans & diamonds to earn which will, in turn, give you earn real money.

There is a special feature known as Income in the mobile app. So below in this article, we are going to discuss how to earn money using the Income feature in Bigo live. Let’s get into how to make money from Bigo Live app.

How to Make Money from Bigo Live Video Call App?

For those who still know about the Beans and Diamonds in Bigo Live app, let us make it clear first! Beans and diamonds are the two basic and important things that you should first have while using Bigo Live. They are the currency or money for using it on the Bigo Live chats which in turn will convert into real money. There are options for sending gifts to your favorite broadcaster whom you can appreciate and motivate them to show their talent and paying them beans or diamonds.

Finally, when you have collected lots of beans you can make up to $50-100 dollar per day. Depending on your popularity, you will earn a lot of beans just by broadcasting yourself every day with your Phone camera. It is Fun, joyful and also earning in the meantime.

How to Make Money from Bigo Live Video App: Create an Active Bigo Live Account

Making a live video is very easy, first, you have to get the Bigo live app installed on your phone and then you can start. Before you earn some real money with Bigo Live app, firstly, create an account on Bigo. Here us how you can get into Bigo Live media and make money with this app.

  • First of all, download the Bigo Live apps and install it on your smartphone. You can download it from Google Play Store or for Bigo Live apk file click here.
  • And then Login using either your Facebook or Google account.
  • Once logged in, now click on the broadcast button located below on the screen.
  • When you broadcast yourself, make sure you perform some great acts like singing, dancing or anything which would attract more viewers.
  • Once you have impressed your viewers they will send you gift which will increase the number of beans and diamonds.
  • Finally, after the broadcast, you can see how many views, gifts, and beans have collected so far.

How to increase Beans in Bigo Live App?

Well, the beans are not for free of course, you have to earn it. Any users have to purchase the beans or diamond via Bigo App. Or you can get it as a gift from your fans or followers. So, basically, your broadcast is the main exposure for increasing beans or diamonds. Also, you can gift diamonds or beans to other you like in Bigo to increase beans in bigo live and make money

And if your thinking to make money from Bigo Live app then you might earn some beans and diamonds. So, how to make it happened? Here are some tips to increase Beans on Bigo Live video call app.

  • Your account should look complete with details.
  • Do not set low-quality DP on Bigo Live.
  • Keep yourself like as much you can.
  • Make sure you can attract your followers with some quality video live chat.
  • Communicate with your fans and followers making a strong connection with them.
  • Find some follow who might have interest based on your live videos.

Because the more you can gain the audiences and impress them you on the way making money with Bigo Live app. You will receive beans or diamonds from your fans and it can be converted into real money.

How to increase diamonds in Bigo Live app?

There are two different methods to increase diamonds in Bigo live. One method is that you can buy it with in-App purchase method and increase Bigo Live diamonds. To buy the beans or diamond, you have to pay some real money using your Google Wallet. Here below let us discuss how to buy Diamonds.

In-App Purchase: Increase diamonds  in Bigo Live

  • Open your Bigo Live and now go to the Menu of the Bigo live in the app.
  • You will find and option- Diamonds click to proceed
  • Now you have to choose the Google Wallet to make the payments.
  • In this section, you will see the specific price for some number of diamonds.
  • Now click on the preferred number of Diamonds which you want to buy.
  • Finally, you are ready to send gifts to your Broadcaster to make them earn real money.

Become a Fame To Increase Diamond in Bigo Live Account:

Yes, it is an open platform to showcase your talent here. Showing your talent you can gain popularity in Bigo Live app. Simply, the more popularity means the more audience when you broadcast to Bigo Live. So, when you gain lots of fans and go live, you will have more audience to view your broadcasting.

So, there is are big chances to receive diamonds from your fans or who love you in Bigo Live app. So, in this way you can increase diamonds in Bigo Live app or can make real money with it or Bigo live beans to cash.

How to withdraw real money from Bigo Live app?

To earn or withdraw real money from Bigo app, you first have to 6700 beans where 3 diamonds cost 10 beans. After you have reached the transaction requirement, now you can easily exchange the beans and diamonds into real money to transfer it to your account. And that’s how a user can make money from Bigo Live Video Call app.

Now after you have earned enough beans or diamonds, start the below process to withdraw money as Bigo Beans to to make money from bigo live video call bigo beans to cash

Steps to withdraw Money from Bigo Live: Bigo beans to cash

  • Enter your Bigo Live app, and go to the Income
  • Click on Exchange Rewards and entered the amount you want to exchange
  • Once you have entered the amount, now add the Banking mode which you want the money to transfer.
  • Finally, your money will be added to your bank within few days.

Important Note: if you have made mistake in entering wrong banking details then you don’t have to worry. If the money is not transferred then it will automatically be refunded back to your Bigo Live app as diamond or Beans.

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How to Set Passwords for Withdrawals In Bigo Live?

Finally, don’t forget that you have secured your account first to make a safe and secure transaction. As these is going to make a real money withdrawal you will need real bank details. And to stay safe and make any transaction you must also add the privacy protocols to secure your sensitive bank details.

Steps to Set Passwords for Bigo Live:

  • Click on the Menu of the Bigo Live app
  • Now go to the Setting Click Account and select Phone Number.
  • Next, you have to enter your phone number which will verify sending you a code.
  • Enter the code and you will get the option to set a password. Add your password now.
  • Next, you will also be asked to add Pin which will be your key to open or lock the payment section.
  • Hope you have successfully completed the process, now earn beans as much as possible and exchange them into real money.

Important Notes: For security concerned you must create the password and set it with your phone number. So that any issue occurred you would be received informational SMS to keep you alert on every transaction.

Conclusion: Make Real Money with Fun in Bigo Live App

So these are the whole tutorials how to Make Money from Bigo Live Video Call App. When you open the Bigo Live app and broadcast yourself you should make sure that you earn something. And hope enabling all the topics above will increase beans, diamonds in Bigo Live app. And can change it Bigo beans to cash. So finally, the only matter is your talent grab some cool and popular activity on Bigo live app and start earning now.

Let me know if you know any cool ideas to make money in Bigo Live app. Or can also comment regarding any question to earn money with Bigo Live video call app.



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