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How To Make High Conversion Using MyThemeShop Affiliate?

Mythemeshop is one of my favorite WordPress themes company from which I had been making very reasonable earning. Mythemeshop has very high conversion potential due to its very attractive themes liked by tons of users around the world. The reason why lots of users love the theme is because they had developed some awesome looking theme, which are perfect for building professional looking websites.



Now, if you are selling something which tons of users love, you are more likely to have higher conversion. Mythemeshop affiliate is one of the best choice because it not only has a high conversion but it also pays high commission on every sale on each sale.

We basically know that we are paid 70% commission on every sale, out of which we are given option to give discount coupon to our clients up to 70%, which means we are giving away as discount to all the profits which we were suppose to get. I know you are giving huge benefits to your users by doing such great thing, but can you make a decent earnings with such low commission and keep promoting it for long??? At some extend you would share it here and there but unfortunately you will end up saying no to the product because you can get much higher benefits in other things.

How I increased my commission and conversion?

I did not want to continue focusing on it, because it would be simply foolishness to continue focusing on coupon keyword, where I was just getting 1.45$ to 7$ approximately at highest. It is sufficient for one to get extra money, but you can earn much more than this by simply implementing little more simple methods of working.

I first started off with single keyword Mythemeshop coupon with 50% OFF, but I found my competitors giving away more discounts, which means the one who gives the maximum discount would make more sales.

I felt like these is not one of the best idea to compete on such keywords, therefore I started working on a theme blog which was completely based on themes.

P.S.: I cannot reveal the site due to privacy.

What I exactly Did?

I started writing about themes [ Did not mention anything about coupons, because my user would search for coupon if he/she have any thought about coupon] like top 10 WordPress themes for news, Best WordPress themes for coupon websites [ few Examples]. These were the example of articles where I started featuring

I started featuring Mythemeshop themes mostly at the top positions, these helps me in making easy conversion with offering any discount coupons. Hence it helps in getting all the benefits of affiliate sale which you make, hence you get much more higher commission than that of sharing coupons & ranking on those.

  • Keep Your users away from the word discount.
  • To increase the sales more keep the buy now button above the fold, and repeat it multiple times.
  • Write genuine reviews by adding both positive and negative points, with personal recommendation added at bottom.

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One more Thing which I did:

I simply choose the best theme which were converting more than other themes, I reviewed those themes manually and ranked those themes which gave very good conversions every month. Hence, I had been making consistent money with Mythemeshop since 2014 Sept.

If I can do it, why not you???

You can apply same method and enjoy the same benefits, which I am getting since 2014.

Join Affiliate Program now.

Would I make instant money out of it?

It would depend on how smart you work, because to be honest I joined Mythemeshop Affiliate program since 2014  Feb, but I could not make any commission out of it till Aug 2014.


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