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5minutes DIY Tip to Make 3D Glasses at Home

make 3d glass at home

Watching a 3D movie on your PC using VLC, or a 3D TV  or even on your low-cost smartphone for Rs8000 will require you to have a 3D glasses. 3D glasses comes at a handsome cost and if you don’t own one, you might want to know how to make 3D glasses right at home.

make 3d glasses at home

Even though the components of a 3D glass are just regular home stuff, 3D glasses can cost you heavily on your pocket if you are going to buy one. So if you are thinking about buying a new 3D glass, then I suggest you check out how to make one rather then thinking about buying one.

I am sure that you won’t go back to buying 3D glass anymore if you just know, how to make a 3D glass at home.

Things that you will need to Make a 3D Glass at Home:

To make a 3D glass right at home, you will only require a handful of stuff that you will be able to find with yourself. Going through you childhood junk trunk or at your little brother/sister’s crafting wardrobe can be the answer.

A glass frame:

3d glasses at home

This can either be an unused or even a toy glass frame. If it fits you, it will definitely work.

Sketch Pen/ Marker/ Colored Glass Paper:

colored 3d glasses

You will require 2 colors of sketch pen or marker, it is even better if you have a colored glass paper from crafts work.

You will require a Blue and Red color for the either things you have. In case you have a sketch pen or a marker you will need a transparent plastic or better if the goggles has a clear unscratched glass.

A Pair of Scissors/Crafting Knife:

make 3d glasses

This can be simple crafting tool for cutting or scissors can also work.

White Glue or Transparent Tape:

3d glass

A crafting glue or tape which should be transparent so it doesn’t block the view.

NOTE: An adult supervision is advised if you are young.

Now, if you already have all the things at your deposit, you are ready to know how to make 3D glasses right at home. And with these 2 methods, you can even make 3D glasses without cellophane or even if you don’t have markers.

How to make 3D glasses at Home:

Follow these simple steps to make your own 3D Glasses right at home. An adult supervision is highly advised if you are too young to work with scissors and crafting blade. Though the 3D glass may not look as attractive as the Google Glass but you will have a well working 3D glass made right at home.

How to make 3D Glasses by Using Sketch Pen OR Marker:

  1. The first thing that you will need to do if you are working with marker is that, you need to take a note whether the glass frame has a clear glass or not. If it does, then you are ready to go.
  2. If the glass isn’t a clear one, then simply press gently (be gentle not to break the glass) on the glass to push it out of the frame.
  3. Now you will be left with only the frame and the glasses. (keep the glasses for future use)
  4. Take a piece of transparent glass paper, measure it up with the glass from and cut it evenly.
  5. After cutting out the shape, simply color the transparent glass paper with a red sketch pen/marker and the other one with a blue sketch pen/marker. Let the color dry up.
  6. Now that the color has dried up, you can tape or glue the pieces of colored plastic on the frame of the glass.

NOTE: While taping the colored glass, you will need to paste the blue colored plastic on the right side and red Colored plastic on the left side.

If you have used glue to paste them together, then give it some time to dry off. And if you have used a transparent tape then you are ready to use the 3D glasses.

How to make 3D Glasses by Using Transparent Glass Paper: 

This is probably the easiest way to learn how to make a 3D glasses at home. So let us get started:

  1. The first thing you will need is the colored glass paper. IF you can’t find one at your home, you can easily buy one at any crafting/bookshop for a negligible amount of money.
  2.  Now you will need to empty out the glass pieces from the goggles or eyepiece that you are going to use.
  3. Cut out the exact shape of the glass paper (both blue and red).
  4. Now simply paste the pieces of the colored glass paper on the empty frame of the glasses.

NOTE: While taping the colored glass, you will need to paste the blue glass paper on the right side and red glass paper on the left side.

This is how easy it is to make your own pair of 3D glasses right at home. Now you can enjoy watching any 3D video or even use your Smartphone to watch movies right at home with your ready to use homemade 3D glasses.

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