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How to Make 3D Glass Using Household Goods? All Easy Procedures

How make your own 3d glass easily at home

Using your household thing you can make your own 3d glass. So, if your 3D glass just got broken, here are some cool ideas on how to make 3D glass. With the help of your self-made 3D glass, you will see the same realistic quality of 3D that found in the market. Make your own 3D glass by yourself just in your home, as when you lost it still can continue the 3D experience.How to make 3d glass at home

Actually, what we watch on our television is a 2D image which you will only see the picture moving inside the television box. While if you are watching a 3D movie in a theater with 3D glass you will actually see the picture is moving out of the screen and you will feel all the characters in the movie are coming in front of you.

3D glass are nothing magic or you have been drugged; all it is the movie image effect and also the brain illusions of light that make you feel the image to be in 3-dimensional space.

How does 3D glass works?

When you go to the movie theater which is showing the 3D movie, there are actually two images are displaying on the screen in which the colors coming are- one is red and the other is blue or green. Now you were given 3D glass i.e. Red & Blue Glass. And the main function starts after wearing the glasses, the filter (Red & Blue) will allow only one image to enter each eye, and your brain does the rest which means you will see the illusion. Hence in this way, you will see everything in different shape and size feeling like the 3D image which is actually the 2D.

Well, this is really fun! but to watch in 3D you don’t have to buy it from the shop. You can also create the 3D glass using your home tools very easily.

How to make 3D glass in Home with simple tools?

To make the 3D glass with the simple tools you don’t have to be expert in handicraft or something. Simply cutting and fixing will do the work.

Things You Need:

  • Hard Paper
  • Scissor & Paper Cutter
  • Glue
  • Scale & pencil
  • Cellophane sheet use only Red and BlueHow make 3d glass easily


Step #1: Draw the blueprint of the Eye Wear

First of all, take the Hard paper and draw a blueprint of eyewear. You should not make everything in one piece. First draw the frame separately and then the ear piece. Now give the shape which you like to make. Make sure you draw all the piece in proper measured shape and size.

Steps #2: Cut the hard paper in bring into shape

Once have drawn the eyewear, now cut with the help of scissor & paper cutter. After you have got the neat shape of the Eyewear or glass, now it is time for you to make the glass.

Steps #3: Make the Red & Blue Lens

Now you have to make the lens for your 3D glass. Take two different color Cellophane paper i.e. Red & Blue and with the help of scissor cut into rectangular shape. You should cut the paper in the shape which would easily fit into the frame. Make sure, you create two rectangular shapes of different color.

Steps #4: Fix with the Glue

Finally, with the help of Glue fix the cut cellophane rectangles on the Eyewear frame which you have created with the Hard paper. While fixing the paper, you can fix the Red on right and Blue on Left or vice versa. But make sure you do not collapse both the color paper upon each other.

Step #5: Watch the latest 3D movie

So now take your new homemade 3D glass to any movie theater or create them for your friends to watch along with them. Lastly, enjoy your 3D movie with your 3D glass.How to make your own 3d glass

Note: You should always use the hard paper which will allow you to hold for a longer time. And even the cellophane paper, try to get a thicker one when you buy it from the market.

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How to make 3D glass in Home with Old Glass?

If you have an old glass which the lens is very poor in condition and rough then you can make a new 3D Glass with them too. This is, in fact, a new way of recycling your old stuff and make them something very useful. A little scratch on the lens may be very useless but it is actually good for creating them into the cool 3D glass.HOw to make 3d glasses at home


  • Old glass
  • Tissue paper
  • Sketch Pen or Marker pen (only Red & Blue)
  • Little patients!


  • First of all, take the old glass and wash the lens and wipe it until it dried up.
  • Now bring your Red pen to write on the left and Blue Pen to write on the right.
  • Next start marking on whole part of each lens with different colors through the opposite site. (outside of the lens)
  • Finally, leave for few minute to dry up the ink.
  • Now play a 3D movie and watch using your brand New 3D glass.

Note: If you are still not satisfied with the homemade 3D glass then you can also buy them online which will cost less than Rs.100INR.

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So these are the details on how to make 3D glass in Home using your household goods. You don’t have to buy some expensive tools to create a 3d glass but simply using your home tools. Even the process for creating the 3D Glass also very easy, only using papers or old glass will do it. And so if you don’t have any old glass then you can make it by using papers.

Hope you have enjoyed making 3D glass sitting at your Home. Let me know what else you want to know more about this regards by commenting below in the comment box.

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