Hi, I am Paul Billygraham, I am very excited to share new ideas with you. I am blogging since 2013 July; back then I had no idea what blogging was or how to make money online.

I started blogging with zero knowledge, just keeping myself happy with the feeling that, “I own a website” and that’s all. I had no idea about Copyright Protection or any single knowledge about Blogging when I started Blogging.

When I just started blogging, I came across ” ShoutMeLoud” & “Techgyd.” These two blogs had helped me all the time and from these blogs, I came to know some serious things like copyright protection.

I realized I should make 100% copyright protected blog. Also copying other’s contents and images are not legal at all because It will harm both sides, you, who copied, and also the person whom you copied from.

By copying other blog’s materials and taking advantage of people’s hard work, you are not doing anything good.

So, today I am going to share with you some interesting things to encourage people to not copy or plagiarize other people’s works.

Who copy your contents?

Mostly newbie Bloggers do this, knowingly or unknowingly. But What I mostly found is, most newbies are not aware of copyright protection. Another interesting fact is that most people don’t know that Google is more clever then they think and keep a strict eye on such things.

You cannot fool Google; another thing is if someone else copies your hard work it hurts a lot. So don’t copy anything from others, also make 100% secure copyright protected blog.

You can register for a secure copyright protected blog but I always find people copying contents so what can you do to make a blog copy proof? Below I have all the answers to this question. Have a look:

How to make 100% secure copyright protected blog?

Here I am going to tell you few things which will protect your blog. When another blogger takes your idea, it will not affect your blog directly, but he’ll be your competitor.

But if other bloggers directly copy your content and paste it, you might have some negative effects on that.

So, to stop people copy directly from your blog you can  follow given steps:

I follow these steps in my blog chrometechny.com to stop this copy bloggers and to make a 100% secure copyright protected blog.

Step 1:

Whenever you write a post, include your own story or name. It also makes a kind of relation with your readers, and also shows positive actions. I do this to make my article look like a friendly chat.

Whenever you add your name in your post, the copier has to leave it. As he can’t include you in his blog. This is the best way to make 100% secure copyright protected blog.

Step 2:

Add lots of internal link to your blog. It will be a kind or irritating work for him to copy your blog. If he finally copies it, you get backlinks.

Step 3:

Use ads in your contents and affiliate links. This will be another irritating work for anybody who copies your content. This will make troubles for others and can help you to make your contents secure from being copied.

Step 4:

Give a kind of unique structure to your blog. Also, register for copyright protection of your blog like DMCA.

It will definitely discourage anybody to copy your contents. It also keeps your blog healthy and copyright protected.

That’s it! These are some useful points which you can follow to make your blog fully protected from copycats out there.

Thank you very much for reading my words. Please let me know how it helped you? Or if it was useless?

Or if you feel I missed out any points? I am very eagerly waiting for your comments.

Thank you very much for reading the post keep visiting.