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How To Look Fresh After A Long Flight | No More Dull Faces

Have you ever feel dull and untidy after a long flight? It happens every time, whenever you board a flight with a glowing face and with lots of excitement. However, when you step off where you look just like coming out from a prison. This happens to everyone.You will find your hair is flat, your skin is dry and also you smell horrible.

how to look fresh

Therefore, looking like a mess while your travel on a flight isn’t something anyone would want. This guide might help you out, in giving some ideas on how to look fresh and feel tidy in an affordable time during your flight journey.

How To Look Fresh After A Long Flight | No More Dull Faces:

Want to look fresh whenever you step off from an airplane? Then here are some common mistakes through which you can avoid looking just like prisoners coming out from prison after serving a long time:

1.Always Keep Your Hair-Up:

how to look fresh

First and foremost, before you board a flight, keep your hair up. All you need to do is tie a bun which works the best while you travel by flight. Therefore, this will help you to minimize the feel of having knots and greasy hair which is kind of annoying right? Hence, in other ways, many people look good with their hair up or if you have a long hair then you can do ponytail or braids.

2. Have a Deodorant With You:

how to look fresh

Always keep in mind, you should keep with you a deodorant which comes handy while traveling. I prefer to take the scented ones, this way you won’t smell bad even after your long flight. However, it depends on how much you need because you need to put on after every 3-6 hours.

3.Wash Your Face:

how to look fresh

When it comes to staying fresh, you can also wash your face after a long flight. You don’t need use soap, in fact, you can just wash it with plain water. It is the easiest option in order to stay fresh even after a long flight. Therefore, you can wash it either in a public bathroom or even with your water bottle or tissues when on flight can be a solution. Washing your face is one of the basic and easy ways to look fresh and clean.

4.Avoid Putting Heavy Make-up:

how to look fresh

When you are traveling, always keep in mind to avoid putting lots of makeup like eyeliners, mascara, heavy lipsticks, and eyeshadow. You must be wondering why? Because they will most likely get smudge while you are on a long flight and also will feel that your face is heavy. However, you can apply like simple lip balm or you can put on light foundations on your face.

5.Keep some moisturizer with you:

how to look fresh

Another thing, whenever you travel and want to look fresh even after a long flight, then try to keep a moisturizer with you. This way you can apply some to your face but without makeup either on your arms or on your legs. Therefore, it will help you to keep you relax and fresh throughout your journey.

6.Drink Plenty of Water to Keep hydrated:

how to look fresh

When it comes to keeping hydrated, then not only just your skin but also your body as well. Always drink plenty of water and juices for more radiant skin, but avoid drinking fizzy drinks or coffee or tea this might affect your tummy badly while traveling.

7.Dress Comfortably:

how to look fresh

When you travel on a flight, always wear comfortable clothes that don’t get wrinkle easily. However, make sure to wear darker clothes in order to prevent from getting messed up with food or drinks spills on your clothes. And yes, don’t forget to keep a scarf or a shawl with you, once it gets chilly up in the air. And also pack 2-3 pair of socks with you while you travel, this will help you to keep your feet warm.

8.Brush Your Teeth or Keep a pack of Mints with you:

how to look fresh

Keep in mind to brush your teeth after every plane meal, this way you will feel some minty fresh on your mouth. However, if you find it difficult to carry your toothbrush with you then keep with you some mint in your pocket. Therefore, it will provide you something to chew on and also give you a good breath while you travel.

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how to look fresh

This might sound funny and silly, but stretching after every three to four hours can make you feel fresh while doing the journey. Therefore, not only stretching can make you feel relaxed but also make you aware as well.

10.Brush Your Hair:

how to look fresh

While you are on a trip, if you are keeping your hair lose then you will need to brush your hair. This will make you look fresh and clean even after a long journey. In fact, you can also put some baby powder on the roots of your hair in order to minimize the greasiness. Therefore, you can look fresh even on your long flight.

These are the guidelines of how to look fresh even after a long flight. So, once if you follow these easy steps on how to look fresh even after a long flight, then you won’t be looking unfresh and have a dull face. But you will feel fresh and clean and enjoy the rest of your trip.

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