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How to Install Whatsapp on Intex Firefox OS?

Whatsapp is one of the most widely used messaging services in the world. In every smartphones one can avail the whatsapp messaging service in their phone but for those who have purchase a phone with Firefox OS like Intex Firefox OS will not be have Whatapps in it. Not only on Intex Cloud FX but many of the Firefox OS phones Whatsapp does not exist. But there is third party by which you can easily use Whatsapp on Intex Firefox OS, the best way to install Whatsapp is using ConnectA2.


ConnectA2 is the best platform by which it enables you to install Whatsapp and hence you can use the Whatsapp and chat with your friend through Firefox OS Phone. Just like Whatsapp, ConnectA2 also have the functions like Messaging, Sending and sharing Photo & Videos. It also allows you to create groups, write your Whatsapp status and change or set chat background. If you enable the configuration of your app, then you can also run the Whatsapp on the background which will provide you see the notification quickly and response to your message while you can minimize the app. And thus enabling the configuration will allow you to get unread notification directly on your screen and read them just by swiping down on your screen (just like ordinary Androids Phone).

Whatsapp available for different platform

The ConnectA2 app is available on Firefox OS Marketplace (Firefox app store) where you can easily find the app. So just type the App in the search engine of the Marketplace and hit the search button; there you can easily find the ConnectA2 app for using Whatsapp on Intex Firefox OS phone. After finding the app, Installation is also very easy and quick just simply you have to enter the app and then you will to type username and then select your country name and in the final stage, type your valid phone number.

Features of Whatsapp:

Whatsapp different features

How to install ConnectA2 in your Firefox OS phone

For using whatsapp in your Firefox OS phone like Intex cloud Fx, you must first download the ConnectA2 app on your Firefox phone and install it.

  • To download the connectA2 app on your Firefox Phone, just open the Marketplace app on your phone.
  • After you access the app, now you must search for ConnectA2 app.
  • Now download and install the app.
  • To use the app first few setups, you have make in the configuration as enter your username (which will be displayed on the app), next select your country which will be follow by typing your phone number.
  • Once you provide your phone number, now you have to wait for a confirmatory code that will be sent to you through SMS within few second. After receiving the code, enter the code in the given box and hit submit key. [ incase if you do not receive the code, you must immediately hit on the resend code button for getting the confirmatory code again]
  • Once all the configuration is done, now you can easily use the ConnectA2 app which is the third party app for whatsapp. And all the facilities in Whatsapp can be easily operated through this app in your Firefox OS phones.

Limitation of ConnectA2 App for using the Whatsapp in your Firefox phones

There are certain limitation which ConnectA2 do not function as like Whatsapp; some features like recording voice message and sending it, is not possible with ConnectA2 app. The looks and formation of the app is not similar to that of Whatsapp, so sometimes it might trouble some new Firefox OS users. To make connectA2 app run on background while minimizing it, you must enable some configuration to use the facilities.

Except this few limitation, ConnectA2 app is the best third party app for Whatsapp for the Firefox OS phone users.

Another App of Firefox OS for Using Whatsapp

There is another app in Firefox OS for using whatsapp, and it is Openwapp which is also available in the Marketplace in Firefox phone. Just like ConnectA2 this app will also help you to connect whatsapp. You can change status easily and send emojis, pictures, videos and even audio messages.

But the limitation is it does not support notification to run on the background while the app is minimized. And comparing to ConnectA2, Openwapp is not much flexible and have mush procedure before making it use in your phone.

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  • I downloaded open app after several failed attempts of getting any confirmation code, hoping this would solve my problem, but it only brought disappointments as in this case also I am unable to receive the code. I have started regretting buying a phone using

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