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How To Install WhatsApp For PC With Free Download & Installation

Have you been wondering on how to install WhatsApp for PC?? So here we will provide you with all the steps necessary for you to download and install the WhatsApp on your PC.

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WhatsApp is one of the best Free Messaging Application presently in the market with more than Millions of users around the Globe. WhatsApp has totally revolutionized the way we keep contact with our Friends, Family and the Close ones.

WhatsApp offers you the facility to send free Messages to all your contacts on your Phone. And once you have installed the WhatsApp on your device you will be able to start using all the facilities of WhatsApp. So it is a must have messenger app for all.

Now you might be interested to know that WhatsApp was bought earlier this year by the Internet Giants Facebook, so now it is operated under the Facebook Company. Now WhatsApp has its Million+ of users around the Globe not only due to its messaging facilities but also due to its others facilities that it offers for its users. Here are some of the common features of WhatsApp for PC.

Best Features of WhatsApp: 

WhatsApp offers many useful features for its users but the most unique features of them all is the instant messaging facility that will let you have uninterrupted conversation with your Family and Friends without even paying a penny as you will just need to have a data connection and you will be able to send unlimited messages.

WhatsApp also offers you the facility to send videos, voice messages, stickers and many more so that you can have all sorts of fun time during your conversation. And another thing that lets WhatsApp to stand out of them all is its user friendly interface which can be basically even used by the person who is not kind of a tech geek.

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Now another advantage of using WhatsApp as a messaging app is unlike other messaging sites you will not need to log out or log in to your account as once you have sign up for WhatsApp all your Contacts of your Mobile will be automatically sync.

WhatsApp is available for all sorts of Smartphone’s running on different platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows etc. But now if you want to install the WhatsApp messaging app on your PC then it might not be available for you official way. But as we all know that if there is a will there is a way, So now if you have the will let me take you through this detail tutorial on how to download & install WhatsApp for PC.

Note: You should keep in mind that WhatsApp is a Free Messaging App and you will not need to pay for a complete 1 Year and once the validity is over you will just need to renew it with a payment of $0.99 USD Per Year.

Download & Install WhatsApp for PC with Free Download:

As WhatsApp is still officially not available for the PC users, so now in order to use it on your PC you will have to use an Android Emulator and the best Emulator to use Smartphone Apps on your PC is BlueStacks because it’s a Free Android Emulator with very easy users interface.

Here are the steps you will need to do to download and install WhatsApp on your PC with absolutely free download.

  1. First of all you will need to download the BlueStacks Android App Player on your PC and to do it you can just visit the link given.
  2. And now after visiting the official Website you will just need to click on the Download button and the downloading of BlueStacks will start on your PC.
  3. Now once the downloading is completed you will need to install it on your PC and after that you will need to launch your newly installed BlueStacks Software.
  4. Now once you have launched the BlueStacks Software you will just have to click on the Search button of your BlueStacks Window located at the upper left corner of the Window.
  5. Now once you have found the installation app page you will just need to click on the install button on the page of the screen.
  6. Once the installation is completed you will be able to start using WhatsApp on your PC.

Watch video:

So now you can enjoy WhatsApp right on you’re PC with your WhatsApp for PC and I hope that you have got all the ideas needed for you to download free WhatsApp on your PC. If you have any queries regarding WhatsApp tricks please leave your comments below.

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  • I was able to install Bluestacks however I currently don’t have a working phone, so I’m not able to get the validating number. If I try using someone else’s to receive the message it links to their account, switching the accounts again prompts that a text be sent, any suggestions?

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