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How To Install Firebug For Chrome And Mozilla {Firebug Lite}

Firebug for Chrome and Firebug for Mozilla very helpful & mostly used browser plug-in  for web designers or for someone who is looking forward to learn web designing. You must be a web developer if you are looking for firebug though its not necessary, it is extremely helpful plug-in for web designers. We know that maximum internet users use Google chrome For browsing internet which comes with tons of features.

There are many popular web browser but even though they are popular enough, Google chrome has come up with millions of features, plug-in which had left all the competitors behind. Firebug for chrome is one of those plug-in, which allows user to scratch deep HTML code of any website and analyze from browser using the plug-in.

Mozilla Firefox also have the plug-in which makes easier for the web designers who are using Mozilla. Along with Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox is also very popular web browser. Designers and many internet subscribers prefers keeping both web browser installed because of very good features on both the browser.

Firebug Lite

Currently we can see millions of extension in Google chrome, but Firebug was available for Mozilla Firefox only earlier. However, Google chrome without leaving anything behind Got the Firebug for Chrome extension for all chrome users. While looking for Firebug I had to face little problem in installing it successfully, whereas it was very easy. Hence, I made a decision to add this tutorial which may help my readers who were looking for similar solution.

How To Install Firebug For Chrome?

To install Firebug for Chrome you just have to follow simple steps as given below:

  • Go to Chrome Web store.
  • Add Firebug for Chrome extension in your Google chrome web browser.
    Firebug Lite for Chrome
  • After you add it success fully new icon will be added in your chrome address bar.
  • Now Click on any element in the website and click Inspect with Firebug Lite.
  • Now you will see windows at the bottom of your screen along with the HTML code for the element that you selected.

This is the simple step to add Firebug in your Chrome web browser.

How to add Firebug for Mozilla Firefox?

To add Firebug for Mozilla you have to follow the simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Go to Firefox browser and Go to Firebug for Mozilla.
  • Click on add to Firefox.
    Firebug For Mozilla
  • Now you will see new window popping up asking you to install, Click on Install now.
  • Congratulation you have added successfully, you can click the icon at the top and get instant html code on the bottom of your screen.

This is the simple step that will help you to successfully add the add-on on your Mozilla browser.


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