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How to increase RAM on Android phone? Improve Your Smartphone Performance

increase ram on android phone

How to increase RAM on Android phone when you running out of RAM and can’t play big games or apps? It is usually seen that you see good games in the Appstore and you have downloaded the game too on your phone but you cannot play it. This is a major case seen for any Android phone users and the main reason for this is low on RAM. For those who is not known to RAM, it is the abbreviation of Random Access Memory; a memory which allows any application to run on your phone.

increase ram on android phone

Well, when we buy a phone we always look for much RAM & ROM and Large Megapixel camera. But if you are looking for the features higher on RAM, ROM & Camera, you got to pay high. More RAM size can improve playing bigger or high-intensive games, or you can check some of the best 4GB RAM Smartphone under 15k.

If you have a have bought a high RAM smartphone, then you can download and use any apps or game. But if you have a phone with lower RAM then you have adjusted with small basic android games. So Why Adjust? now we are going to reveal some of the best tricks which will allow you to increase RAM on Android phone up to 4GB.

There is certain paid RAM expander App that is going to help you increase the RAM up to 4GB.

How to increase RAM on Android phone using Paid App?

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) is one of the well-known RAM expanders which is successfully extending the RAM for Android Phones. So if you have lower RAM below than 1GB you can expand it according to your requirement.

About ROEHSOFT RAM Expander

The Roehsoft RAM expander uses the external micro SD card for increasing the RAM. This app will sync with the external memory and provide you RAM space which will extend from the original memory.

This app is a premium one, which you have purchase from Google Play store for Android and costs up to Rs.150 INR. But you must be confused, does the app really works?

We have used this app and seen positive result only the problem faced is the extended RAM is the performance. The performance is usually slower than the physical RAM. But it is ok, to use when you have to play games rather than not playing due to lack of RAM.

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Steps to Download Roehsoft RAM expander

Before you download, this app you must check if your phone is compatible for RAM expander or not. And to check your device compatibility, you must download the app.

This app will test your device, if the Test is positive, you can now download and install the RAM Expander App.

[Click here to download Roehsoft RAM Expander]

How to increase RAM with RoehSoft RAM Expander? 

  • After installing the app, now you can increase the RAM.
  • Open the app, choose your preferred language.
  • Now Create a SWAP File, which you must click on the Swap Active and Enable it.
  • Next, click on the Grey Box and Activate SWAP. This will automatically run the SWAP and sync with your external memory (ROM)to increase the RAM.

Important Notes: Not all the apps can use this RAM expander, so make sure to run the test before you purchase and download the App.

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How to increase RAM on Android phone using Free Apps?

RAM is something with cannot be created nor can be increased with external hardware in smartphones. Only you can manage the files in your phone and free some useless file to get memory on your phone. And to do that, you default device cleaner or Disk cleaner is not sufficient. You need some good apps that will help you clean your junk file from your phone, reduce background running apps, reduce the temperature of your phone which is the major cause for large RAM wastage.

increase ram on android

You need some good apps that will help you clean your junk file from your phone, reduce background running apps, reduce the temperature of your phone which is the major cause for large RAM wastage.

Here below we are also going to saw you some of the important apps which will help you increase RAM on Android phone.

Free Apps to increase RAM of Android phone

1. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

DU Speed booster is the first on our list which also gives you best platform to clean RAM & ROM and increase the RAM by reducing apps running in the background. You can see the meter where RAM is being used and its also detect automatically and alert you to clean the RAM.

increase RAM on Android

Key Features

  • Clean Junk file and Boost memory
  • Check for Virus and other infected files
  • CPU Cooler
  • Network booster to provide efficient network
  • And much more.

To download DU Cleaner- Click Here

2. AIO Clean – RAM/Cache Cleaner

When your phone got hanged or slows down and does not function well, then the problem is caused due to RAM issues. AIO Clean is a very good App for clearing RAM and cache which is causing slower phone. This App is free to download and are very useful app.

increase RAM on Android

Key Features

  • Clean Junk & cache cleaner, RAM cleaner, speed booster, app manager, CPU cooler
  • You can clean the RAM with one touch, shortcut if provided to make the quick clean.
  • You can also lock screen using the App.

To download the AIO Clean App- Click Here


3. Apus Booster 

This app is best for both Memory and battery booster. When if you are having slow and randomly running apps in the background. then the phone will also drain the battery even faster along with draining RAM. So here is the solution for both RAM and Battery booster app which is less than a 3MB sized Android app.

increase RAM on Android

Key Features

  • Download at just less than 3MB
  • Good for boosting both Battery and RAM
  • Allows one tab Booster
  • Even Clear ROM better by analyzing unwanted files on your phone

To download Apus Booster- Click Here

4. Clean my Android

This is another free app for cleaning RAM on Android device for free. If you are looking for multitasker app for cleaning RAM, App Manager, memory booster, then you must have this app on your phone.

increase RAM on Android

Key Features

  • Free memory to boost App, game and much more
  • Easy to use
  • Single touch cleaning tools or shortcut provided
  • It is a small size App, that would do everything cleaning perfectly.

To download Clean my Android App- Click Here

5. Phone Clean Best Speed Booster

This is the app is Easy, Safe and Accurate Cleaner app. If you are still looking for an alternative app to clean RAM, you must consider checking this app too. There are awesome features particularly chosen for cleaning and freeing RAM in your Device.

increase RAM on Android

Key Features

  • Enable cleaning on the background
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Provide safe and accurate cleaner showing real-time status

To download Phone Clean Best Speed Booster- Click Here

Other Methods for Increasing RAM on Android phone By Default

Now, using your android phone you must also know one more thing. Having Default unnecessary app on your phone can also decrease your RAM and make the phone slower.

But all these Apps cannot be uninstalled from your phones. So what you can do now is, manually clear the Cache memory and Disable the App. Both the process easily practices in the android phone by default to clean and free RAM.

increase RAM on Android

How to Disable Default Android Apps?

To disable default app, you can either go to the Setting and enter the App manager or simply long press hold on the app and drag to the App Info appearing on the home screen.

Steps are

  • Open the App manager, select any default apps which you want to disable
  • Now you will enter into the section where you can find option like Force Stop and Disable
  • Click on the Disable and this will automatically uninstall & delete the app from your phone.

increase RAM on Android

How to Clear Cache memory?

Sometimes too much using of apps and running unnecessarily in the background it can cause slower phone. And this will store huge Cache file on your phone which will lock the RAM to use. When you clear the Cache, you can also increase the RAM. So remove all the cache file now.

Steps are

  • Go to the Setting> App Manager
  • Now click on the App which you want clear the Cache
  • Next, click on the Memory booster which will allow you to see Cache File and its size.
  • Click Clear cache 
  • Finally, you have free some memory and Increased the RAM

increase RAM on Android

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So these are the complete procedure to increase RAM on Android device. You can increase the RAM using premium App, or Clear Memory to increase RAM using Free App and also you can increase App by Disabling Apps which cannot be uninstalled. All the process discussed above are equally important and making the phone even faster than before.

Hope you find “How to increase RAM on Android device?” article useful, for more interesting facts and tricks keep visiting our Site and stay updated with the latest Tricks.

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