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How to Increase Beans in Bigo Live Video Call App?

how increase beans and diamond in bigo live video call app

If you using Bigo Live app then you might know how special is beans in this app. Beans and diamonds are the currency of this app that you can use. The more you earn diamonds and beans, you can make money from Bigo Live Video Call App. So, if you’re thinking to know how to increase beans in Bigo Live video call app then let me help you in this increase beans in bigo live video call app

It is the best social network platform where you can connect with new people and get to know several others. The live broadcasting video application is free to download and use. You can just start you own live video streaming with some cool ideas. In case, if you don’t have any idea on how to increase beans in Bio Live then here you will learn everything that you need to know.

How to increase beans in Bigo Live App?

Bigo Live is the top most rated media available till date among the live streaming app for your Smartphone. This trending live video call platform allows you to broadcast live video of your own. Simply just enter your LIVE’S Title and then tag your love. Watch the live video of several Bigo users in the live social network, which is totally free. Earn the income diamonds level ranking out of 100, try to be at the top of the list in the ranking out of your friends. In the same get your friends follow you in Bigo live account, just connect your friends through Facebook or twitter and Google.

But do know you can make money increasing the beans in Bigo app. For that, you should know how to increase Bigo Live app. In this part, I will let you know how to make it happen to make money with Bigo Live Broadcasting app.

Bigo Live is the best choice to pick to have all the social networking fun in your lives. The application in mostly popular in the parts of the country in Asia, chat any girl or boy or celebrities into the social media. There are lots more exciting features that Bigo Live app provides to it user, the details of the features are provided below in a list.

Bigo Live App Features:

With 30 million users and over 50 downloads Bigo Live – Live Stream is a big hit. These are all because of its features that you get in this app. Check out some of the cool features of Bigo Live – Live Stream app. And after that, we will learn how to increase beans in Bigo Live app. Before you some to know how to increase beans in Bigo Live app.

Broadcasting and the broadcasters:

Do what makes you to fun to broadcast live, you can dance on the top of your bed, cook in your kitchen and then do some fashion tutorials as well. Discuss with your friends about the movie in a group and get a huge number of fun followers, you can simply follow the broadcasters.

Real-time Interaction and Mobile streaming:

Get busy with the audience while you are into a live broadcasting seasons, have a long conversation with your favorite broadcaster into the Bigo live network. Select any broadcasters and watch their live videos at any place and anytime you to increase beans in bigo

Give or get Virtual Gift and bonuses:

Bigo live allows you to send virtual hearts or lollipops including other gifts to one of your favorite broadcasters in a real time. Earn lots of audiences to keep lots of followers into your Bigo account, also get various types of offers.

Safe broadcasting:

Be gentle and earn respect, bigo will not allow any smoking or vulgar or adult contents like pornography and nude pictures. If such kind of inappropriate content is fond then your account will be banned permanently.

Make Bigo Calls:

Make a bigo voice calls to any of the friends in your contact list as it provides clear sound quality.

Star Broadcasters:

Bigo live gives you the opportunity to interact with your favorite stars from worldwide, popular celebrities from YouTube channels and Facebook.

Earn Many Fans:

Stay connected with millions of bigo live users to get a follower of your own, ultimately helping you to become the next star in the Bigo community.

Click here to download Bigo Live App

How to Increase beans in Bigo Live?

To collect a free diamond in a very easy way all you need to do is go live with the broadcasting live. Regular use of the live broadcasting will offer you a gift from your follower or the broadcasters. When you earn quite a number of diamonds you can turn it into beams and convert in money In this manner you can increase beams in Bigo Live, check out the steps shown below to perform it.

Increase Beans in Bigo Live app Exchanging:

  • Step 1: The first thing you have to do is exchange the beams, open the profile menu into your bigo live account.
  • Step 2: Select the option “income”, and then you will be redirected to the next page of the income menu, click on the “exchange diamond” option.
  • Step 3: now you will be requested to choose to convert the diamond into beams, select 3 diamonds into 10 beans or 30 diamonds into 100 beans and 300 diamonds for 1000 beans, etc.

There is no shortcut way to grab the diamonds into the Bigo Live. Either you earn the diamond by making live broadcasting or buy it or get a gift from the viewer side.

Showcase your talent by broadcasting live performance in the Bigo Live, earn diamonds turn it to beams and make money easily. Hope you have learned all the necessary steps to know how to increase beans in Bigo which is simple and easy to perform. If you are a new user of bigo application, create a new account and then try the tricks to earn money online with the platform. It is available for download from App store and Google Play Store completely for free.

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