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How To Get iMessage For Android 2016 {Free quick Download}


To Get iMessage For Android, you have to follow the simple steps that we are going to share. Now, if you are an iPhone user and you have recently decided to shift to Android. Then you realize that you cannot use an iMessage on your new Android device. Now that you cannot send your messages to your Friends that uses iPhone’s then how will you keep in contact with your friends that uses iMessages.

iMessage App for Android


As Generally iMessage are default application provided by Apple for all of its devices running on the iOS. And using iMessage will let send free messages using the Apple ID of the receiver. But now as you have shifted to Android from iOS you would see that you cannot use the iMessage on your Android device.

So here we will solve this tricky problem of your iMessage and by following it, you will be able to use iMessage right on your Android device.

Get iMessages On Your Android Device: iMessage for Android

Now if you have used iMessage then, you might actually realize that using the iMessage will let you understand if the message is delivered and read by that person or not. And you can understand if the text is blue it is an iMessage and if your message text is standard green then it is an ordinary text and your operator may or may not charge for it. Nevertheless, this iMessage is usually available for iOS users only, and you will be able to send your iMessage only to others iOS users.

And now for using the iMessage on your Android device, you will need to iMessage app that will let you send iMessage right from your Android device. So that you can even have contacts with your Friends that uses iPhone’s.

But, let me warn you this from the beginning that it is not safe to use this App and send iMessage from your Android. If you are concerned about your Privacy, because as you send your iMessage from your Android, it will first get routed through a Third-Party Server. Which will ultimately redirect it as a iOS user to your receiver.


Here is the way to install and send iMessage from your Android device.

Send iMessage on Android Phone:

1. First of all, you will need to download iMessage app on your Android by clicking on this Link.

2. Now the iMessage file will be downloaded in the form of APK file on your Computer for your Android Phone.

3. Now you will need to connect your Android Phone to your Computer/Laptop.

4. Now you will just need to Transfer your iMessage APK file to your Android Phone.

5. Now you will just meed to Install the APK file on your Android.

6. That’s it !! once the installation is completed, you can start sending iMessages from your Android phone.

Now this is all you will need to do and you will be able to start sending iMessages from your Android to other iOS users just using your typical messenger like WhatsApp for me. That’s you will need to know on how to get iMessage for Android 2015.  

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