The Webmaster warning ” This Site may harm your Computer” for my website is showing on Google search result, How to fix it? If I click on the link of my website it doesn’t allow me to access the website because Google considers the website as a harmful site.

This is a very common problem and I had faced this issue personally many times due to silly mistakes which I did earlier. This problem can be fixed within few hours easily, today I am going to take the live example of one of my site which is showing the same error. We will take over the blog and fix the blog during this cases study.

Why Am I seeing this Warning? ” This Site May Harm Your Computer”

There is the various possibility due to which you site may be showing such warnings in the search result. One of the main reason behind which I had faced is using the nulled theme, I was not aware that it was the nulled theme which was given to me by my friend saying that it was genuine. But the fact was he himself also didn’t know that it was the nulled theme, you can easily check nulled WordPress Theme using our tutorial guide to check the WordPress Themes. In such case, you have to delete the theme and use the genuine theme on your website which don’t contain any files, which may be harmful.

The another reason is that someone might have hacked your site and created some pages which may contain malicious codes, on such situation you have to remove those codes or file from your host and keep your site clean before you submit for review. Or you can simply back up your important files and re-install your website cleanly.

How To Fix The Warning “This site may harm your Computer“?

I had tried out few simple steps which had always worked for me in fixing the problem. I am going to share the exact working steps which I used to solve the problems with my sites.

There is basically 2 problem I had faced due to which this warning had appeared on search result. One of them is the problem with theme or plugin and another problem is unwanted URLs added in the website by hackers.

Problem with theme or plugin:

In such condition, you have to deactivate the theme or plugin that is causing the problem on your website. After you deactivate the plugin you have to follow the steps as mentioned.

Getting hacked: “This site may be hacked

Identify the page URLs from the webmaster tools << security issues. If you are facing this problem because of unwanted URLs, you will find lots of unwanted URLs which are not suppose to exist on your website. On such case, you must ensure checking your files and deleting all the unwanted files and make sure that everything is clean before you make a request.

Steps to Fix the warning: Remove your site from Google Spam list-

Firstly what I realized is that when I search my website in Google it shows a warning “This site may harm your computer“, like the attachedĀ image below.

This Site May be Hacked Warning

Now, If such notifications show up to my users they will not like to visit my site because this notification will never help in gaining trust & may skip without visiting in 90% chances. They are your most precious users, but they may never come back again because, for those who were coming for the first time, your first impression is gone down. It is impossible to run a website successfully with such kind of notification where our blog gets marked as spam in google. It will have lots of negative impact in terms of CTR, ranking and trust factor.

Now, for those remaining few users who visit your site despite notification will see new pop-up windows with another notification after which probably no one will visit again.

Marked as spam in Google with red Notification

To fix this problem, you have to simply follow the few simple steps and get rid of it without wasting another time.

First Login to your webmaster tool dashboard and open the affected sites dashboard. If you have not signed up yet kindly sign up for webmaster tool. I am taking live case study on one of my blog which was down for few week due to bad server support. However, this site got marked as spam for using the wrong theme. So let me sign up for webmaster newly to make a request to remove the issue that I am facing with the site

Braglab dot com case study

After successfully verifying the site in Google Webmaster tool, I am going to check security issue and fix the problem that this site has been facing.

Security Issues from Webmaster

Now, in the security issues section it doesn’t show any wrong URLs but it’s just telling that the site contains malicious codes. Now, as I have re-installed my website I can simply click on ” I have fixed these issues“, and request for review.

Request for removing the website from spam list

After you convenience them to review your website once again you have made all necessary changes, you can submit the request and ask them to review your website.

Successfully submited

Now, all you job is done & you have to simply wait for them to review you website. Check the result below in the attached image.

Successfully recovered

So finally we have successfully recovered within 6 hours of time. Meanwhile, I had to wait for almost 4-5 hours for the positive result to complete the article during the case study. I am glad and happy that I could successfully complete this case study, I truly hope it help you in future + if you are in such problems it will be easy for you to simply follow the live example here and recover your own site.

Please share your feedback in the comment section to let me know whether I could help you or if I missed out anything. I am looking forward to your feedback, I hope you will share your views with my users and me. Thank you very much for sparing your precious time at ChromeTechny.

Best Regards.