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How to Download Instagram Photos in Windows/Mac Without Third-Party Application

download instagram photos

Download Instagram Photos – Due to its excellent photo sharing feature, Instagram is one of the best Social Networking platforms in the world today. People on the Instagram are mostly online, because of those wonderful images shared by millions of other users. It is no myth that the users in Instagram are mainly concerned with those awesome images and videos.

download instagram photos

Unfortunately, unlike any other social networking platforms, Photos from Instagram can’t be downloaded or saved directly. Whether you are on Smartphone or Computer, there is no option provided for downloading photos from Instagram.

Struggling for Instagram Save?

I have seen many of my friends struggling to save or download Instagram photos. Most of them use to take a screenshot of the Instagram photos, crop them, and finally, Instagram save.

But, this process is not the convenient one. It takes a lot of effort and does not provide any good resolution to the Instagram images.

For Smartphone users, there are dozens of Instagram photo saver apps available. But, what if you need to download Instagram Photos from your Windows computer or Mac?

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How to Save or Download Instagram Photos in Windows PC or Mac?

Generally, when we are on a computer, we used to save image files from any website just by right-clicking on the image and then clicking on the “Save Image As” option.

As you can see in the screenshot sighted above, there is no “Save Image As” option in case of  Instagram save. This means no usual way to download Instagram photos or images.

However, the options that show after clicking right mouse button on the image holds the key for Instagram save.

The only thing you need to do is playing with the codes and applying a simple trick. Don’t you just stretch your eyebrows when I tell about codes?

Applying the trick is as smooth as a piece of cake! Shall we?

Step By Step Method for Instagram Save:

Step 1: Navigate to the Instagram Account from which you desire to save photos. i.e.,


Sunny Leone Instagram


Step 2: Select your desired photo that you want to Instagram save and click on it.

Step 3: Once the image is opened, hit Right Click on the picture.


Instagram account of Sunny Leone

Step 4: Now, select and click the “View Page Source” option.

view page source

Step 5: Here you will see a messy looking codes which won’t make any sense to you. You have nothing to do with these codes.

Step 6: Now, just press “Ctrl+F” if using Windows, or “Command+F” if on your Mac. This will enable a search box at the top right corner of the computer screen.

Step 7: Next, type “JPG” in that search box. This action will highlight the context of jpg (The format of Instagram Image). This way the source code of the image will be traceable.


instagram save


Step 8: Now, you will need to highlight the entire link of the images that consist of the “JPG” text.

Step 9: Next, right click on the highlighted link and then click on “Go to https://…..” option.


instagram photo saver


Alternatively, copy the link and then Paste the copied link in a new tab. Hit “Enter” key.

Step 10: Here in the new Tab, the same Instagram image will appear which is downloadable directly. Just right mouse click and hit the “Save image as” option.


download instagram photos


As you usually do, after clicking on the “Save image as” option, you can edit the file name as you want and finally “Save” it.

Pretty easy and amazing, right? Once you memorize these simple steps, you will be able to download Instagram Photos whenever you would like to. No third-party software required.

For the Smartphone users, there are Instagram photo saver Apps around. But, not all of them are worth trying.

I will be covering a list of the most convenient Instagram photo Saver Apps for both Android and iOS, lately.

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