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How To Directly Contact Facebook? All Ways To Get Instant Help From Facebook

how to directly contect Facebook for help

So, how can you contact Facebook directly, when something really going wrong with your account? I’m sure you own a Facebook account or most of us do so. It would be real sad when you lost control on your account. Better you come to know on how to directly contact Facebook. Here you will concern to every detail to make a direct contact with Facebook.

Facebook is a very popular social media where there are billions of users throughout the world. And no doubts, after using so many accounts there will be lots of users who would want to directly contact Facebook support team for discussing their issues. But the customer service of Facebook will not personally contact you. So how to directly Contact Facebook if you have any problems.

There is no such official source for contacting Facebook, and to get in contact you will have to go through the lengthy process. The best way is to seek a solution in the Facebook help center but not often you will get all the problem solved. So it is very frustrating if your problems are not seen carefully and try to solve as quickly as to directly contact facebook

Some of the common issues like changing the password, deactivating your account, profile setting etc. there is a Facebook help center where you will find and read all the solution. But those are not enough actually if you have problems that you would want to discuss with the Facebook team then you should have a contact source.

Here below in this article, we are going to discuss some of the contacting sources like email addresses, and postal addresses to directly contact to Facebook.

How to directly contact Facebook?

To make the direct contact with the Facebook Team, you only have the two option- one is to send Emails and other is to send mails by post. We all knows the official headquarters of Facebook is located in USA, so you can at least try to get them directly using the Postal address. Beside, Email ID is also available if you want to send mail for a quick response.

Email ID for Facebook

For any problems regarding the Facebook issue, you can contact them by using Emails. But make sure you have written them for only serious cases and in order to get their quick response you have to write the email to Facebook in a very professional & most importantly in a very expressive way.

And one thing you should clearly know, you must send the email to the right address on only the related to your query.  If you have login issue write on or privacy issue then on etc.

  • For any support related issue, you can email using-
  • For appeals related issue, contact them using-
  • Any information about latest news simply wrote them on-
  • Any threat or warning related issue contact through-
  • For Login issue, contact through-
  • To disable or enable your Facebook Account-
  • For privacy related, contact on-

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Contact via Twitter 

Even though Facebook have their own Facebook Page but they seem to be more active on the Twitter. So if you have a problem to discuss just tweet on the official Facebook Twitter account and get their quick response. Follow the Facebook Twitter page and you will also be informed with the latest news on Facebook and related news.  To follow on Twitter- Click here

Postal Address

You can also directly write them by post which you can send it using their postal address. The main headquarters of Facebook is in California USA, but there is also sub center in different countries even in India. And then using their postal address you can write them to inform about your problem.

Postal Address of Headquarter, USA
Facebook, Inc
1601 S. California Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Postal Address India

Facebook India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad
Building no. 14, Raheja Mindspace

Phone: 089480 33470
Hi-tech City Main Rd, Vittal Rao Nagar, Hitech City, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Other Facebook Contact source

Facebook Help Center

You can simply get access to all the solution in Facebook Help Center if you have got any problem regarding your Facebook account, page, groups et.. If you have a valid Facebook account, then you can Click Here. It will automatically redirect you to the official Help center of Facebook to find out your problems and solve it. You can also report abuse or if sense any threat, feel free to write on the Help center.

Ads Help Center

If you are requesting for posting ads or trying to remove ads from your facebook page, then you can click hereIn this section, you can find the solution for the Business, advertisement, and ads related problems. If you are trying to create ads or create business pages, then this center will help you.

Facebook Help Community

Well, this is an official forum of Facebook where you can question and some of the experts amongst the user will reply and guide you to solve the problem. But if the case is too serious, then the Facebook Team will also reply you. So if you have very serious problems or threats using Facebook, you can raise your question. To see the Help Community- Click Here

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Support Inbox

This is the official support inbox in which if any problems solution is provided by the Facebook team then you can receive the message in here. But it is sure again, the Facebook team will not often reply; only to put a solution for your extreme problem you can contact via Support Inbox.

So these are some of the contact sources by which you can directly contact Facebook for any issue. You can try contacting the Facebook team via Email, or even postal addresses for The United States and India to find the solution for your problem. But as we have told earlier, there are no ways for contacting them directly to the facebook team. Only the Facebook Help center is present to provide you solve your problems.

Hope you like our article “How to directly contact Facebook?“, if you find this helpful then please send us your Feedback in the below comment box.

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