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How To Control Hair Fall | Simple And Easy Home Remedies For Quick Hair Growth

how to control hair fall

Nowadays millions of both men and women are facing hair fall issues. Particularly even myself, I am also suffering from hair fall. Thanks to my friend who have suggested me to follow some tips how to control hair fall. When my hair fall stopped, I got amazed and try researching more remedies online. Finally, I got more information about it which I am going to share with you.

how to control hair fall

So if you have the same problem or wanted to know the hair fall reasons then read this post till the end and get a proper idea. There are many reasons for your hair fall; it may be because of illness, genetic disorder, or maybe even unhealthy diet.

Whatever the reasons may be, I will try to solve your problems to stop hair fall immediately with some home remedies. But before that let me explain you some hair fall reasons.

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Hair Fall Reasons For Both Men and Women:

It is undoubtedly true that both men, as well as women, do face a hair fall issues but women are most likely to have a thin hair. What are the main reasons behind? Can anyone tell me? Read below to know…

1. Stress:

stress reason for hair fall

Some people still are not aware how to control hair fall or what are the main reason behind hair fall. Well, it is because of any kind of tensions mentally can lead to hair fall. So stay tension free as much as possible.

2. Unhealthy Diet:

how to control hair fall with healthy diet

Many girls and boys are very much fond of junk foods that lead to severe hair loss. And if you are lacking protein then that is also another problem for hair fall reasons. So try including proteins like fish, meat, eggs, green vegetables dry fruits etc in your diet.

3. Deficiency of Iron:

Most of the women suffer from lack of iron which results in anemia. As a matter of fact, this will cause to several hair fall issues. Get an iron tablet from the prescribed doctor or include iron supplements in your diet.

4. Sudden Losing Weight:

When you lose weight suddenly then you may also face hair loss but do not worry this will be only for a time. However, you can try the below mention easy home remedies to sooth your scalp.

5. Chemotherapy:

how to control hair fall after chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is another reason to lose hair. This drug is so powerful in treating cancer that even your hair fall starts. However, as I have said that I have some homemade remedies that will eventually help you to solve the query how to control hair fall.

So this is some hair fall reasons that I have found out. Now let us look on to the easy and simple home remedies to control hair fall. Before that read Olive Oil Benefits and Uses For Hair, Skin and Health Related Issues

How to Control Hair Fall – Simple and Easy Home Remedies:

There are many procedures for preparing homemade remedies to cure hair fall. I will include some of them below. Do check out.

1. How to Control Hair Fall with Coconut Milk:

To reduce your hair loss, coconut milk extract will be the right choice. This fresh milk has got the power to heal your hair fall.

how to control, hair fall with coconut milk

  • First of all, grate the mature coconut and then squeeze the coconut flesh that you have grated.
  • Now, warm the fresh coconut milk in a pan for 1-2 minutes until it turns like a paste.
  • Refrigerate it for some time and the next day applies the paste from root to tips of your hair.
  • Leave on for an hour and wash it with a regular shampoo and conditioner. Follow this hair fall control procedure once or twice a week and get beautiful hair.

2. Massage with Hot Oil:

Some people are still not aware how to control hair fall with a hot oil massage. As a matter of fact, you just simply need to pour coconut oil into a bowl and place it in a hot water bowl. After some minutes, apply the hot oil to your scalp and roots of your hair. You can also choose olive, castor, mustard and neem oil for hair fall rescue.

how to get rid of hair fall with hot oil

For a home hair spa, dip in a soft towel in warm water and squeeze it. Now cover your hair with this hot towel for an hour. Wash it off with shampoo and conditioner and get rid of hair fall.

3. Trim Split Ends:

how to control hair fall with split ends

Sometimes because of unhealthy split ends, you do not have any control on hair fall. This is the reason, it is recommended to trim your hair once every after three months. Make sure you cut your hair above the splits up to ¼ inch.

4. Amla and Neem:

amla for hair fall

Amla and neem oil is the best appropriate hair fall control oil. They work wonders to control hair fall. Since when I was a kid I heard my Grandma saying that neem and amla are great for treating hair falls.

neem for hair

5. Eat a Healthy Hair Fall Control Diet:

Because of many unhealthy eating food habits both men and women do suffer from hair loss. Therefore, relieve all your stress and live a healthy living with healthy food habits and positive thinking. Make sure you drink lots of water at least 2 liters per day. Also, include proteins in your diet plan.

6. Fresh Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera contains antioxidants that fight for hair loss problems. How to control hair fall with fresh aloe vera gel? Any idea?

how to control hair fall with fresh aloe vera gel

Well, I have a remedy for you which are simple and easy. Extract aloe vera gel from your kitchen garden and apply the juice on your scalp. This will decrease your dandruff and itchy scalp and slowly your hair fall will also get decreased.

If any of this remedy does not work then use some good quality hair packs hat has ingredients like eggs, honey, and yogurt. Below I will help you with some Do Not Follow Tips To Control Hair Loss.

 Follow The Guidelines:

Some of the guideline tips to get relieved from hair fall both men and women are listed below. Make sure you remember it.

  • Do not rub your wet hair as this might cause to break and also never comb your hair when it is wet.
  • Limit the use of hair dryers or any electrical appliances to your hair. This might lead your hair to get rough and also avoid hot water to wash hair.
  • Never tie your hair too tightly because this might help your hair to break.
  • It would be better if you stop using hair care products like hair color as this will increase your hair fall.
  • Before you buy any hair care products make sure you read all the instructions thoroughly.

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I guess now you have taken a proper look on how to control hair fall. All the home remedies for controlling hair loss are very effective. If any of the remedies do not work out then it would be better you consult a doctor.

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