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How to Check Nulled WP Themes Containing Malicious Code

Hi, guys today I am going to share one important information with you. Today many fraud guys are selling Nulled WP pro themes downloaded via torrent. Yes, you can download premium themes but that contain malicious code and its nulled theme. Many times we purchase the theme from some friends or others who sell theme at very low price compared  to real worth it price.

Nulled themes are the reason why many sites are hacked today, not only that it also affects the site in different ways.


But how to check Nulled WP themes whether themes contain any malicious code. Malicious code in your theme or WordPress plugins can help hackers to hack your blog.

Never trust nulled WP themes & plugin or never try to use it, it can kill your blog in the very short time of span.

How to check Nulled WordPress theme?

This is very common today, with thousands of Free WordPress plugin & themes present in the web. We never know which un-trusted plugin can harm your blog. It is very important that you check each below mentioned step to protect your blog.

1. First step:

Check unwanted codes in the plugin as well as theme using WordPress plugin exploit scanner. Download this plugin and upload this plugin in your blog.

To install this plugin successfully Go to Dashboard<<< Plugin <<< Add New <<< Upload <<< Activate.

Once you successfully activate your plugin go to Dashboard<<< Tools <<< Exploit scanner. Now you can start scanning which takes the little time to complete the process. If you have number of plugins installed you would have to wait longer for the process to complete.

This Plugin also scans your theme along with the plugins and let you know about the unwanted codes in your nulled themes or plugin.

2. Second Step:

Now in this second step check your theme authenticity, this is where you can find malicious code as well as embedded code for the backlink in your theme. Firstly download Theme Authenticity Checker plugin and install it.

To install this plugin successfully Go to Dashboard<<< Plugin <<< Add New <<< Upload <<< Activate.

Once you successfully activate your plugin go to Dashboard<<< Appearance <<< TAC.

You can easily find the theme authenticity results. If your theme contains any kind of encrypted links you will get the warning.

3. Third step:

You must check your theme if it contains any kind or virus or Trojans.

Go to viral total and upload your theme zip. It will automatically scan your theme and let you know if it contains any.

Important note:

You must not use any unknown plugin or theme for your blog, it can be the reason behind getting hacked. If you are looking for professional blogging, you must go for premium themes. If you look for professional looking themes at the low price, must buy the theme from mythemeshop using my 50% off no expiry coupon code.

There are many reasons behind why they do such kind things adding malicious code.  Reasons might be to get backlinks, get access to your site or put down your blog etc.

If you are using any plugin for Adsense which is untrusted, you must change it by now. Let me tell you the fact, that Adsense un-trusted plugin will cut off some revenue from your account.

You can use this trusted essential WordPress plugin for your WordPress blog.

For free themes check our this nice looking Free WordPress themes.

For the Free blogger, themes check out this responsive free blogger templates.

This is few precaution that you can take and you must take.

Thanks for reading.

Best Regard.


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