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How to Chat in Facebook App Without Messenger App | No Separate Messenger Needed

how to chat in Facebook app without messenger app

Do you know how to chat in Facebook app without Messenger App? The new Facebook app, you have to chat with the Facebook-owned Messenger app. Basically, you can’t view and read a message or start a conversation until you download Facebook-owned Messenger app. This will automatically pop-up on your phone while using new Facebook App. And this new Chat feature on Facebook is actually very annoying which will force you to download the Messenger App on your phone to open or read the Facebook messages.

Well, this is all because of the new updates of the Facebook mobile app and strategy for making their own messenger popular. Before this update is made, you can freely use the default App messaging feature to write, send or receive the message directly on your Facebook to chat in Facebook app without messenger app


Facebook has become a very important social media where everyone is using it now. First started from the official website to Mobile apps and also Facebook Messenger app. Facebook have always tried their best to improve its experience. In its recent updates as there is no more using chat feature directly from the Mobile app to send or read a message.

And this feature is now available for all the new Facebook app and when you update the app, you will have to chat on Facebook using its messenger App. So it seems a real panic for most users that many Facebook users don’t like to use because of bulkiness. And also, it drains more battery, RAM than usual usage.

But we also have a solution for this, after long term annoyance you can finally relieve and get to use Chat on Facebook without Messenger App. There are few tricks by which you can easily use Facebook without a messenger. Check out how to chat on Facebook app without Messenger app in below.

How to chat in Facebook app without Messenger app?

Below in this article, we are going to discuss few methods by which you can chat on Facebook without messenger app. These methods are like very easy to use, no need for rooting your device or harming it with some other unwanted apps. Simply follow the below-shown methods and use it as per your preference.

Method #1: Download Facebook Lite

There are many social media apps which have come in a lite version that will allow you to run the app faster and smoother. This app is free to download on your Smartphone and this will allow you to chat on Facebook without Messenger. If you are using an Android Device, you can get this app on Google Play Store or if you are using the iOS device you can easily download the App in iTunes app store. And this how you can get an integrated or inbuilt message option in your Facebook app.

 chat on facebook without messenger app

Key Features of Facebook Lite

  • Instant installation as they are smaller in size and uses less storage space.
  • Compatible with any device like old android phone
  • Uses less data but work faster in loading pages and timelines.
  • Upload photos faster with this app.
  • Works even on 2G networks when you are traveling in a place with slower internet.

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How to use Facebook Lite?

You can easily get the Facebook Lite App on your phone; they are free to download and are available at less than 10 MB. This app is fast, compatible with any device and are most importantly you can chat on Facebook without messenger app.

Steps to download Facebook lite are:

  • To download the Facebook Lite- Click here
  • Now you will be redirected to the Play store,
  • Next, click on the install button.
  • This will automatically download and install the app on your phone.

Steps to download Facebook Lite APK:

  • To Download the Facebook Lite APK- Click Here
  • Next, you will enter into the official site for Facebook lite download.
  • Click download to download the APK.
  • In order to install the APK, you have to make some changes in your phone setting.

Go to Setting> Security> Device administration> enable Unknown Source

  • Now you can easily install the app, by clicking on the downloaded APK.

 chat on facebook without messenger app

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Method #2: Download Facebook Chat Enabler Helper APK

For the concern like how o use Facebook APK without separate Messenger app, you will have another option i.e. downloading the Facebook Chat Enabler APK. This app comes in less than 2 MB and also it won’t take much time for downloading and installing the app. It is necessary for you to install the official Facebook messenger app on your phone in order to use it. But having both the Messenger app and Facebook App will consume more of your device memory and also it will decrease RAM.

 chat on facebook without messenger app

With the decrease in RAM is not a good condition for your phone, so better you should have only the Facebook App and uninstall the Messenger. And using the Facebook Chat Enabler Helper which have a size less than 2 MB will get all your message in your Facebook app and chat without messenger app.

How to use Facebook app without separate Messenger:

  • To download Facebook Chat Enabler Helper- Click here
  • Now it will download the APK file.
  • Install the Facebook Chat enabler helper in your phone and open the app.
  • This app will now again ask you for installing the app.
  • Click Install button to install the app successfully.
  • Now you will have to delete the app having skull icon
  • Finally, this app will sync with your Facebook Messenger app and will allow you to use the Facebook Chat without Messenger.

Disclaimer: this process using the Facebook Chat Enabler Helper can only be used for the android phone version below 5.0 (Lollipop). If you are using the Marshmellow, you won’t be able to use the Facebook Chat enabler.

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Method #3: Download Old Facebook App with Chat App Inbuilt

If you are still not being able to use the Facebook without messenger then you can also try another option. You can download the older Facebook APK which you will get all the older features on your phone. With this old Facebook APK, you will be still using the older chat on Facebook without Messenger app.

How to Download Old Facebook App with Integrated Message?

  • To download the older Facebook App- Click Here
  • You will be redirected to the webpage for Facebook APK and of which you should download the older version.
  • Once you have downloaded the App, now you are free to use the older version of the Facebook app where you can see & read or send the message without Messenger app.

Note: when you use the older Facebook App it will always ask for updates, make sure you don’t update it.

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Final Verdict: How to chat in Facebook app without Messenger app:

Well, officially Facebook does not allow you to add additional apps for using Facebook chat. Instead with the new updates, you will only have to use the Messenger App via Facebook App to chat. You got to make yourself the use of it, as you won’t be able to chat on Facebook without messenger app. But if you are tired of forceful messenger download & installation, then you can also use the Facebook in your phone browser. Simply you have to do is- enter and you will enter into the Facebook mobile version. With the hep of this, you will receive all the message normally on your phone, no Messenger app will be asked for download to see or read your message on Facebook.

So these are the complete tutorials on How to chat in Facebook without messenger app. Technically, it is not possible but with slight modification, you can still use the chat on Facebook without messenger App. Hope you have successfully get your phone with facebook App and start a chat on Facebook without Messenger App.

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