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How to Change Facebook Password? Easy Steps in Both Mobile App and Browser

how to change facebook password on mobile and PC
Do you Know how to change Facebook password? If you don’t then let me help you in this part. Facebook is a very popular social media where millions of people are using and having a great time using it. But for matter fact, there is also people who use to misuse the Facebook account and play fraud to someone else. And thus your Password is a very important key which will keep your safe and secured from any online to change facebook password on mobile and PC
If you can keep a strong password that will work best for your to stay safe. But what if your password has been discovered by some people, or what if you log in your Facebook using other phones or open Facebook in Public cyber store? And after login, if you forget to log out before leaving then you can be the victim for some fraudster. They will ruin your account and also misuse your facebook which is not a good situation for you.
If you know your Current Facebook account password, then it is easy for you to change it. But what if you have forgotten your password? There are no worries, we will even discuss some of the tricks which you can easily recover your forgotten Facebook password.
So if you have sensed that your Facebook password is not safe, then you must immediately change your password. Here below we will tell you some of the steps by which you can change your password and also recover your password on Facebook.

How to change Facebook Password using Desktop?

Facebook runs differently on a different device, so the process for changing the password also have different steps. Here below we are going to discuss the steps for desktop, Android phones and also the iOS device.

Firstly, let us start with the Desktop tutorial. For changing the Facebook password using Desktop, Laptop or PC you should follow the below steps.

Steps to Change Facebook Password

When you felt that your password is not safe, then you can change it immediately if you know your current password.
  • Open your Facebook account on your PC, Laptop etc.
  • Now click the down arrow displaying on top right corner of your Facebook homepage.

change facebook password

  • Next, select “Settings which will redirect to the Facebook Setting web page.
  • From there, click on the “Security and Login” button.

change facebook password

  • Now, click “Editwhich is located on the side of the Change Password option on the screen.

change facebook password

  • Finally, enter your current password and enter your new password then confirm.
  • Click on “Save Changes and it is done.

change facebook password

Now, if you don’t know your current password and still want to recover your password then keep reading and follow the below steps. You can recover your Facebook password using your Email ID or also by using your Phone number.
Steps to Change your Facebook Password
  • Go to the Login or Sign-up page on your facebook using PC or laptop.
  • Now click on the Forgotten Password and proceed.

change facebook password

  • Next, a page will display showing Find Your Account Page.
  • Just type your valid email, phone number, then click “Search.
  • Finally, you will either receive password recovery email if you added Email ID or SMS if you enter your Phone number.

change facebook password

  • Voila! now you can easily recover and change your current password.

Note: If you don’t add your valid phone number or Email which you have earlier enter during creating Facebook then you won’t be able to recover the password. Hope, you have come to know how to change Facebook password, now check out how to change Facebook password using mobile.

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How to change Facebook Password using Smartphones?

Facebook app is also available for Android device. And if you have lost or if you want to change the password then you can make them too using your Facebook app.
To change the Facebook Password, follow the below steps:
  • Open your Facebook App and click on the 3-line symbol present above your screen.
  • Now setting will appear, Click on the “Settings & Privacy.

change facebook password

  • Next, you will click “General  and then  “Password.”
  • Finally, Enter your current and new password and confirm the password.
  • Click on “Change Password” to change the password.

change facebook password

In case if you forgot the password, then open your facebook App on your Phone.

  • Now click “Forgot Password.”

change facebook password

  • You will get a choice for email and phone number recovery option.
  • Click either your email id or phone number to proceed.
  • If you added Email, you will get recovery Email and if you add phone number you will get recovery SMS via SMS.
  • Follow the instructions and start changing the password.

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How to change Facebook Password using iPhone or iOS device?

If you are using an iOS device like- iPhone, then you can also use the Facebook app. And thus changing the password using the Facebook app in iOS also possible. For complete tutorials read the below procedure.
change facebook password
Steps are –
  • Open the Facebook app on your iOS device.
  • Now login and open the Facebook app
  • Next click on the 3Line symbol above the right corner of the screen.
  • Then click on Setting, after that, Account setting then Security and Login.
  • Now you will enter into the section for changing your Password.
  • Enter your current password and then new password to change the password.
If you don’t know your current password then you can also recover them using your valid Email ID or Phone number.
  • When you are not logged in and forgot the password, then just open the facebook app and enter.
  • Now you will find,  “forgot password? click to proceed.
  • Next, you will find an option to add your Email id or phone number.
  • Once added click Search to proceed.
  • Now you will receive Email or SMS which includes the instruction for changing or recovering your facebook password.

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So these are the following procedure on “How to Change Facebook Password?“. And we have discussed the procedure to change facebook password using a different device like- Desktop, Android and also iOS. All the process are slightly different from each other, so don’t get confused; simply follow the process thoroughly and get the right track to change your password and stay safe using Facebook.

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