Lately, have you been trying to download movies or songs or games on your computer? In the process are you being asked to complete online surveys in the web page of your internet browser? If it is then you must be bored and totally fed up with the pops ups of the online survey right at the moment to attempt file downloads. Surveys seemed to appear on every web page of the website that you visit.How to bypass survey to download files

Most of the sites are usually seen filled with unwanted ads along with fake file download links. Even though you will get to witness several genuine surveys but they seemed to be always irritating and time-killer too. So, if you are one of those people who are willing to know how to bypass surveys to download files. Then you have visited the right page here you will know everything that you need to know.

How to Bypass Surveys to Download Files? Tips and Hacks

We have seen that whenever we visit any website page we have to deal with lots of surveys. Taking part in the survey lead us to never-ending surveys by redirecting the websites, this kind of situation really is embarrassing and totally time-consuming. Since you are reading this post you don’t have to worry about it any longer. Here, we will be providing you several methods on how to Bypass Surveys to Download Files.

7 Working Methods to Bypass Surveys to Download Files

Method 1: How to Bypass Surveys to Download Files using Extension?

Do you know that you can actually bypass surveys to download files by adding up an extension in your internet browser? It is perhaps one of the easiest ways to avoid the surveys to make that happen, simply install the ScriptSafe extension from your Google Chrome browser.  After adding the extension in your browser you can easily take control of the surveys. Most of the unwanted surveys will be easily blocked by this extension automatically. If you are a Mozilla browser user then add redirect by passer into the browser to bypass surveys to download files on your computer.

block survery

Method 2: How to Bypass Surveys to Download Files using websites like

Using the websites such as is one of the finest ways to bypass surveys to download files on your PC. This website is created to provide you clean web browsing without any interruption of surveys while downloading files. It is a free service open to use for everyone that seek file downloading without the irritating surveys. It is very simple to use just type the name of the site to bypass surveys to download files. Survey bypass website comes with encrypting URL, allow cookies, remove objects and then remove scripts from the web page.

bypass survey to download files

Method 3: How to Bypass Surveys to Download Files using Survey Remover Tool?

It is now time to remove surveys very easily without any delay in time. By using survey remover tool you will be able to bypass surveys to download files. It is an awesome tool that one must have installed into their computer to ignore all the unwanted surveys, and that usually appears on the web page of your internet browser. Simply paste the link to the software in the Survey remover tool, and then you will get generated directed link in just a matter of seconds. This is how you get to bypass surveys to download files at a fast speed.

survey removal tool

Method 4: How to Bypass Surveys to download files using Sharecash SurveyKiller?

Sharecash SurveyKiller is not an online website but it a powerful software that allows you to easily bypass surveys. Using this software on your computer, you can remove the unwanted surveys at any time any moment you want. It is completely free to download software that allows you to download files from the internet, without letting you face any surveys in your browser.

Click here to download the latest version

Method 5: How to Bypass Surveys to download files by Disabling Java Scripts?

By disabling the Java Scripts into your Google Chrome browser will block Surveys while surfing the internet. Here are the steps to make that happen in your internet browser.

  • Step 1: At first you will have to open the settings of your Google Chrome browser.avoid survey
  • Step 2: Now click on the show advanced settings and then into the privacy settings, select the content settings to skip survey to download a file
  • Step 3: Into the content settings of your Google Chrome browser go to the JavaScript settings. Simply click on Do not allow any site to run JavaScript.jump survey to download files

Now you can visit any of the websites that have asked survey to you earlier but now you can easily bypass them.

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Method 6: How to Bypass Surveys by editing web page with Chrome Developer Console?

Here we will be learning how to edit web page of the internet to avoid the surveys of downloading files. It is one of the most reliable techniques that allow you get an access to the download link of the files with surveys. To apply this method at first launches your Google Chrome browser and then click on the right on the empty space of the Google web page. Now you will find the developers console on your browser page just click on the console option. Copy and the paste this code that is shown in the screenshot provided below, and then hit the enter to download files without survey

Now you will be provided with severer downloading links, select any one of the links to download the file and ignore the links that end up with “.cssa” and “.js” too.

Method 7: How to Bypass Surveys to Download files by Disabling Popups?

If you are facing the surveys problem in your browser while making an attempt of downloading files. If like that then try disabling popups ads for the site where you have been facing survey problems. How to know that this method will work on your Chrome browser?jump survey to download

To know simply you have to check whether the survey is loaded or not in the particular website. This means that you can disable the pop-ups by making some changes in the settings of your browser. Go to the settings in the browser choose advance settings and the content settings. Now click on do not allow any site to show pop-ups.

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Bypass surveys are one of the minor problems faced by many internet users from around the world, especially those people who make to attempt to download files in surveys based on websites. Since we have come to the end of the article, we believed that you have learned all the 7 methods on how to bypass surveys to download files in your computer using internet browser. By now it should not be any longer a trouble for you to get your download files bypassing any surveys. After reading this post till the end we are sure that all of the techniques explained above have provided you the solutions that you are looking for.