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How to block someone on Gmail? Get Better Gmail Inbox Filtration

how ton block someone on Gmail

Know how to block someone on Gmail and avoid receiving the unnecessary email in your Gmail inbox. This email service is very common to all, and also many spammers and hackers try all possible way to harras or threaten you and even spams to get you with Gmail. Everyone have their official Gmail account which is now widely used for subscription to Jobs, Entertainment and even on to block someone on gmail


But do you ever receive a message from some random website which says “you won a Lottery of 1000 million Dollars” or a bank is offering you free credit cards for unlimited use for one year, or even Archana, Sabina or Priya is looking for Bachelor & smart person who is ready to get married? All these are fake and spammers who try to attract you and make you subscribe and even asked you for entering your bank details.

These hackers or spammers can misuse with your Gmail and by providing your personal details can sometimes be victims of cyber crimes and theft that would be a very bad scenario for you.

Why Block Someone on Gmail?

Everything has become digitalized using emails ID for any kind of verification to use in Banking, PayTM, and other sites to open accounts. But again, since they are the ultimate source of communication tons of hackers or spammers arise which tries to sneak into your personal & sensitive details like the Banks. So many cyber theft and other related cases are observed every time. Also, many unnecessary emails such as promotional, updates, forum, social etc. can make your inbox hectic.

block someone on gmail

But, you might not be aware that Gmail has also top security facilities- you can block someone on Gmail immediately if you sense some danger with the mail you receive. You can filtrate many of the spam emails which you receive every moment once you create Gmail.

And as Gmail is now common for all device like PC, Android or iOS smartphones, we will discuss all the tutorials here below in this article. So if you are getting some threat emails then you should not ignore and immediately block them on Gmail.

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How to block someone on Gmail? PC, Android, and iOS devices

When you create a Gmail on either your PC or smartphones, you usually have to add your valid phone numbers. And this is the reason why all the hackers or spammers are targeting on Gmail. This will, in fact, send you large numbers of emails which contain harmful content which could affect your account. So block them instantly using the following process below.

#1. Block someone on Gmail using PC browser

Using the PC, you can get many features to block or protect yourself from hackers or spammer. Like you can block any Gmail account/address, remove/block spam emails, Unsubscribe from any annoying emails, and even prevent any kind of phishing.

Block Email Address

For blocking any Gmail account, keep reading the following process.

  • Go to your Gmail inbox.
  • Now enter into the emails which you want to the block their Gmail Address permanently.
  • Next, inside the Message click on the down arrow pointing below located on the top right of the message box.
  • Finally, you will get a list of option which you will find the Block button.
  • You have successfully blocked the Gmail and no message will ever be received from this account.

block someone on Gmail

Note: You can also unblock them after Blocking, simply enter into the option as shown in above step and click UnBlock.

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Report or Block Spammers

Spams emails are usually blocked by the Gmail itself automatically, but when you sense any spam emails you can also do it manually.

  • Go to the Gmail inbox
  • Now enter the spam message
  • To the left top above the message box, you will find the Report Spam icon.
  • Click on the icon and you can report and unsubscribe the site permanently.

block someone on Gmail

block someone on Gmail

Unsubscribe the Emails

If you mistakenly subscribe to some shopping site and you are receiving frequent unwanted emails then you can block them too.

  • Enter into your Gmail Inbox
  • Now open the message and see on top of the message there is their name of the official website address.

block someone on Gmail

  • Besides the name, you will find the option Unsubscribe which on clicking will automatically Block or stop receiving a message from the address.

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How to block Phishing Emails on Gmail?

This feature is provided for any kind of emails that is asking for your Bank details and urged you for providing immediately. So when it is from any untrusted site, immediately report phishing and harsh action will be taken.

  • Go to the Gmail inbox
  • Enter your threatened Email
  • Now click on the down arrow pointing below located on the top right of the message box.
  • You will get a list of option which you will find the Report Phishing button.
  • Finally, you have successfully reported for the phishing emails.

block someone on Gmail

#2. Block someone on Gmail using Android and iOS Phones

Using Gmail app Smartphones, you cannot access to the Blocking option while you can only report spam. So to block the Gmail, you should your PC. While you can report spam email and when you are using Gmail on your Android or iOS phone and suddenly you have received an Email. And it turns out to be spam, then you can also immediately report spam using your phone.

So let us discuss how to block someone of Gmail using smartphones.

Steps are-

  • Go to the Gmail App on your phone
  • Open the inbox and enter into the message which you sense threats.block someone on Gmail
  • Now on the top right of your message, you will find 3 dots.
  • Finally, you will get a list option which will click on the Report spam.


Stay safe and prevent spams or hackers before they ruin you completely. With the help of these tricks in Gmail, you can easily get all the spammers and hacker away from your Gmail account. Remember one thing, once you have deleted or block the Gmail address does not mean that you will stop receiving, if you visits other website and sync your Gmail account via your PC or Phone, then you will still receive emails. But there are no worries as you can easily get the website Block or unsubscribe that will again stop emailing you.

Hope you have now clearly know how to successfully block and unsubscribe to any spammers in “How to block someone on Gmail?” For more latest facts and tricks keep visiting our site.

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