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How To Apply Foundation | A Complete Guide For Beautiful Face

how to apply foundation

Foundation is very important for a good looking beautiful face. On the other hand, it brings out the charm to your looks. But when y0u speak about how to apply foundation, many of you will be saying it’s very simple and easy. However, if you wish for a natural light foundation then you must understand which foundation will suit you. Therefore for more tips, check out the tutorial and tips for applying foundation on your face perfectly.

how to apply foundation

How to Apply Foundation on Face?

Just a simple start guide for applying foundation and you are done with your beautiful looks. Here I have a few tips for your pretty looks.

Note: Before you apply foundation, do make sure you clean your face properly with a good high-quality cleanser. And also remove all the dirt from your face. Even if you face is clean, you must treat with a cleanser before foundation application.

Apply a Moisturizer:

apply moisturizer

Now that your face is completely clean, you are ready to apply a moisturizer. Spread a little moisturizer evenly on your skin and massage gently until it becomes smooth and supple. Wait for around 10 minutes to apply a foundation.

Understand Your Skin Quality:

Before you apply a foundation, make sure you understand your skin tone whether is it dry, normal or oily. Therefore, this will bring the exact skin tone you prefer. There are different types of foundation such as liquid, mousse or dry foundations. Understand your skin quality and choose the right one. However, if you are prone to dry skin then a liquid foundation will be the right choice. Whereas, if you have oily skin then go for the mousse one.

how to apply foundation

Apart from that, even the foundation color must be fitted with your looks. First of all, try the different colors of foundation on your face and see which looks better. If you get the desired color then that’s the biggest success you will get.

Also, remember that foundation comes up in the market in different types like loose powder, compact foundation etc. One thing you can do is, go to the departmental store and check which foundation is light for summer and which is perfect for winter.

Get Started – How to Apply Foundation:

Here is your guide: Before you apply a foundation, if you wish for a long lasting makeover then you must apply face primer. Thus, it results in a long lasting makeover. Now with foundation brush apply a stroke of foundation starting from the center of your face. Hence choose such formula that is lightweight, natural and blends perfectly.


blendng complete guide to apply foundation

Now to know how to apply foundation you will need a sponge, gently blend the foundation in a circular motion. Make sure you blend it properly so that it looks natural. Now with a gentle motion press your fingers on your face and blend with your hands.


how to apply foundation

If you have any blemishes, spots or dark circles under eyes visible then take a concealer and just tap on it. Blend it properly so that no trace marks are visible. This will cover up all the blemishes from your face.

Loose Powder:

how to apply foundation

To add glamor to your looks, apply a loose powder with a brush but make sure you use it in a limit. Now you are ready to go to any parties or occasions. Congrats, you got a beautiful glowing skin. Also, for a natural glow, read how to get glowing skin. Now you can use any blusher or compact powder to complete the makeover. 

How to Apply Test Foundation- Test:

As I have mentioned above that before you apply a foundation, make sure you chose the right shades.

  • First of all, take few amounts of foundation to your palm and apply some strokes on your forehead, chin, cheeks on one side. Keep the other side of your face natural and see the difference.
  • If the shades match your complexion then rock the stage and if it does not match, go for the light color or deeper than the shades you tested.

Below you can watch the complete guide to apply foundation on Indian skin tone;

So these are the steps to know how to apply eyeshadow. As a result, this step by step guide to applying foundation is very simple to follow, all you need to know is your skin tone. This is because perfect skin tone will bring fruitful results. Also, I have a complete guide for applying beautiful eyeshadow.  

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