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How To Apply Eyeshadow And Its Step By Step Tutorial

how to apply eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow can take you to a different level of makeup. You will either look gorgeous or will look like a ghost when not applied in a proper step. However, eye makeup can go worst if you use it without a proper guide. As a matter of fact, some people don’t know how to apply eyeshadow like professionals.

how to apply eyeshadow

Do not worry I have a solution for you…. With these steps, you can help your friends those who are not able to apply eyeshadow like a professional.

But before that, make sure you have all the equipment ready for you for a perfect eye makeup. Just the eyeshadow is not enough. You will require some more products like;

Eye Cream, moisturizer, eye primer, eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, mascara, and a kohl eye pencil. 

how to apply eyeshadow with a brush

How to Apply Eyeshadow For Beginners:

Before you apply eyeshadow to your beautiful eyes make sure you do select the most appropriate eye brushes. I also know that you can apply eye makeup with the help of your fingers but that will look too bold and big. Therefore, it is very much required for an eye brush. Do avoid the spongy brushes as it does not bring the result that you wished for.

  • Do use a stiff flat brush for covering the entire eyelid.
  • Fluffy dome soft brushes are usually for blending your eye makeup.
  • Thin pencil brush is needed for applying eyeshadow close to your lashes.

So, now let’s start with our step by step guide if you wish to apply an eyeshadow.

1) Step by Step Guide, How To Apply Eyeshadow:

Firstly for applying pretty shades of eyeliner, you must clean your face thoroughly and apply moisturizer. After that, apply the eye cream. To get more good results, do use an eye primer.

Now follow the step:

  • Do remember one thing, when you first apply an eyeshadow, make sure you cover all your entire eyelid with one shade of eyeshadow. Pat with your brush, instead of brushing it.
  • Also, remember to apply the eye makeup very gently. This is because quick tutorial may lead to destructions.

Note: Do remember that you should apply a little darker shades at the contour of your eyes. And apply the lighter shades in the middle.

2) EyeShadow For Crease:

As I have said above that for the crease area, you will require a darker shades of eye makeup. Colors like brown, black, gray, purple etc. Now start applying the shades of your choice from the outer corner of the eye. However, if you are thinking to highlight your brow bone then use something glimmering or shiny light.

Follow up blending with a brush until the shades turn soft and pretty. Wow!! You look beautiful. Also, select the best eyeshadow palette that totally looks beautiful.

But WAIT… It’s not over yet.

3) Kohl Pencil at Lower Lash Line:

Now you got a proper idea how to apply an eyeshadow, but something is still lacking. And that is the Kohl pencil for the lower eyelash line. Either use a pencil brush for applying or use the kohl pencil directly. If you like a dramatic smokey look then smudge the lash line a little.

This smokey eye looks good only for parties and other occasions.  But if you are going out at day time then use the white or beige color eye pencil. This will make you look perfect and the answer to your question how to apply eyeshadow will be solved.

4) Applying Eyeliner:

Applying eyeliner will create more beauty to your eyes. You can just apply a single small stroke or create a dramatic look with a bold theme. Or if you don’t like both the style then just swing it for a stylish look.

Also, do not miss out applying mascara on your eyelashes. This will bring volume and extra beauty to your eyes. If you wanted to see some video tutorial for applying eyeshadow then see the guide below.

See, it’s so easy, you are done with the eye makeup for beginners and its step by step guide. The most important thing that you must keep in mind is, eyeshadow must be the last makeup to apply. Before that, you must finish with your face makeup like face primer, foundation, concealer, blusher etc. Along with this learn how to style your hair

So the next time when somebody asks you how to apply eyeshadow, then you must follow few tips that I have mentioned above.

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