To Fix Bluestacks Black Screen Problem I followed three simple steps which hardly took me 2 min to solve it. It is very normal thing to see Bluestacks black screen error, but it has very simple solution to fix Bluestacks Black Screen Problem.

The most common reason behind this problem is possibly because of Apps installed or problem with graphics card. When I said problem with the App it doesn’t mean that it won’t work, it’s just that one or two App might be doing that error. Not understanding the fact most of the users prefer re-installing the whole software again unnecessarily.

bluestack black screen

Step By Step Guide To Fix Bluestacks Black Screen Problem:

There may be various ways to Fix bluestacks black screen problems , which works perfectly for me. I did 3 simple methods to fix any kind of bluestacks black screen error, which is sufficient enough to fix the error within 2 min.

3 Simple steps to fix the error:

Follow the steps:

Method  1: Firstly you have to check the app properly by restarting bluestacks and  launch other apps from bluestacks. If the app is working fine after you re-launched, it means that the main issue was with your previous app. Solution: Re-install that App and its done.

Method 2: Nvidi graphics card also makes such error in most of the case.

  • Open Nvidia Graphics Card settings.
  • Go to Manage 3D settings>> Program Settings >>Add buttons>>Add Bluestacks Frontend>>turn off Threaded Optimization Option.
  • Restart Bluestacks and its done cheers!.

Method 3:

  • Update your Graphics card if the above mentioned both method fails by downloading latest version of driver from official site.
  • Now uninstall the previous installed and install latest version.
  • Restarted your system and you are done.

These simple methods which will easily help you to successfully recover your problems.

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