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How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Chrome: Types/Causes/Solutions

SSL Connection Error

SSL Connection Error is one of the most talked issues among the Internet users. SSL that stands for Secure Socket Layer is a vital element for any browser and a website. Every browsing software uses one or other SSL protocol. Google Chrome has it best, we hope, as it’s the most reliable browsing software currently.

Secure Socket Layer is important as it secures the personal information of a user from cyber criminals or hackers.

Making it more precise, e.g., Banks and eCommerce sites require your financial data to complete a certain transaction. Now, if your provided financial data to these sites are not secured, it would make chaos.

SSL Connection error

Like any other browser protocol, SSL also seemed to be experiencing many errors. The most common errors with SSL are SSL Certificate Error, SSL Security Error, and SSL Connection Error.

I have picked the SSL Connection Error on prior as it has the most annoying characteristics. This post will guide you to fix SSL Connection Error in the Google Chrome browser.

Types of SSL Connection Error in Chrome:

The SSL Connection Error comes to exposure with various form. Such as-

  • Your clock is behind
  • Your Connection is not private
  • This connection is Untrusted
  • The site’s security certificate is not trusted
  • Certificate name and server mismatch
  • Server’s certificate is not trusted
  • SSL Connection Error and SSL Protocol Error
  • The server’s security certificate is not yet valid!
  • This probably not the site you are looking for!
  • Your connection is not secure

These are the most common SSL Connection Errors most of the Chrome users have experienced so far.

Prime Causes of SSL Connection Error in Chrome:

You have seen that SSL Connection Error or ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR pops up with a different attitude in the different period. These variations occur due to the differences in the origin of the Error.

SSL Connection Error

SSL Connection Error can occur due to many reasons. Let’s have a glance on these SSL Connection Error Causes.

  • Incorrect Date and Time setting on the computer. The current time might be falsely set in advance or late comparing to the real time zone.
  • The site you are trying to access might have untrusted or unidentified SSL certificate.
  • Mismatching with SSL certificate name.
  • The site you are try accessing might be containing malicious elements.
  • Your antivirus program could have blocked encrypted data of the site.
  • Windows Firewall is likely to be blocking certain website sometimes.
  • The browsing tool itself might have got some issues.

The SSL Connection Error you are monitoring on your computer could be because of anything.

How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome?

The issue with SSL Connection Error in your Google Chrome can be a big one or just a small glitch. I am sharing all short of possible solutions from basic to the in-depth ones. Thus, you must get rid of the SSL Connection Error in no time.

Solution 1: Customizing Date and Time

This is a lame one but very common cause for SSL Connection Error in Chrome Browser. Some of the websites track your geo-location when you are accessing them. Mismatching in the date and time of your system with the real-time zone can cause the error.

The set date and time in your computer might be incorrect. Changing it to the appropriate time zone can fix the issue. Pause your net surfing, reset the date ad time of your system and try loading the site over again.

Solution 2: Changing in Antivirus Program Settings

Sometimes, the disagreement between your active Antivirus program and SSL Certificate of a certain website turns to be SSL Connection Error. In such cases, making some changes in the Antivirus setting can fix the issue.

If you are using Kaspersky Antivirus software, you can follow the below instruction.

  • Close your Browser and launch the Active Antivirus program on your Computer.
  • Navigate through “Settings > Advanced Settings > Network > Encrypted connections scan.”
  • Now uncheck to disable the “Scan encrypted settings” option and then hit “Apply” button.
  • Finally, click “OK” button to assure the changes.

Once the setting is changed, you can reopen the browser and try accessing your desired site.

Essential Tip: If the solution worked and fixed your SSL Connection Error effectively, you can try updating your current browser, Antivirus, and the Operating system itself. Because keeping the Antivirus disabled is not a clever solution.

Clear all your browsing data and then enable the “Scan encrypted settings” back again. Now check if the browser is still showing the error. If the issue shows up again, keep the antivirus setting disabled.

Solution 3: Google Chrome Tweaks

The Google Chrome tweaks I am about to share here are just temporary fixes to the SSL Connection Error. These tweaks won’t fix your issue from the root.

Tweak #1 –

  • Click right on your Chrome browser.
  • Select “Properties” and click.
  • Within the “Target” section, add the code “-ignore-certificate-errors-“.
  • Now, hit the “OK” button and then “Apply.”

chrome error

Tweak #2 – 

  • Clear up your browser data that include all the cookies, cache, hosted app data. etc.
  • Restore the browsing default settings and relaunch the browser.
  • Try accessing your desired website to check if the issue is fixed or not.

Tweak #3 – 

  • Go to the Chrome browser “Settings.”
  • Click on “Change proxy settings” option under the “Network” section.
  • Now select the “Security” section and adjust the security level to set in “Medium.”
  • Click “OK” and “Apply” button to finalize the changes.


These are the best tweaks and fixations that worked perfectly on my Chrome browser while getting rid of SSL Connection Error (Error Code: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR). I will be updating the post lately with more solutions.

Apart from the SSL protocol issue in Chrome, I have fixed more errors like DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAINDNS Server Not Responding, ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED, etc. Mind to check out these guidance posts if you are having any such kind of issues with your Chrome Browser.



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  • After, installing antivirus on my PC I was having this issue but thank, this helped me out greatly……….

    I have solved this issue, but should I uninstall my antivirus or it will be fine??? thanks in advanced

    • Hi Pyare

      Keeping an active antivirus software in your system is vital. After reactivating your malware killer, if the issue does not show up, you can keep your system always protected. Good luck.

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