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How Do I Recover My Blog deleted Without Backup?

Hi Guys, if you are a regular visitor of ChromeTechny you might have come across the problem which we are facing since 2014 Dec. On January 2015 while working on site error problem I mistakenly deleted blog which was not done with intention, the proper backup was not there with me but I frequently take backup on control panel every week [ waste ].

If you are facing the same issue or if you don’t want to face the same issue again with your blog this post is perfectly made for you to recover deleted blog without backup. Here I am going to share complete details about things you should backup files in an easiest way, step by step guide to recover deleted blog/website without backup.

When you have the backup of your site it is always safe because you never know what happens tomorrow. When you have Backup files it will hardly take 5-10 minutes for you  to get back your deleted site or hacked site. Talking about the problem faced on ChromeTechny you can read the Apology post for all my users to know what actually happened.

How To Recover Deleted blog Without backup?

It is one of the most annoying and frustrating moment when all your hard work gone waste. Once you loose your data it’s time to act instead of sitting banging your head. Your first work is to check whether you have any backup left on your Cpanel or any file. If you still have some files backed up download it and use it [What if no Backup].

When you have nothing left in your hand it’s time to call your hosting provider if they have any backed up data. [ What If they Say No]

Now, You have one and only easy choice to get it back but lengthy. If you have a blog with less than 200 posts than you will ned around 15 hours to get it back. But if you have huge data please get a team to work on it and get it back quickly.

Note: If your site doesn’t get indexed you cannot recover it + You can’t get your draft items which are not yet published.

Step By Step To Recover your Deleted Items:

Following two steps given below you can recover deleted post on blogger, WordPress, Joomla or any other platform.Two ways To recover your post mentioned below:

Steps 1 to recover deleted blog post:

1. Go to Enter your homepage URL, you would find all the pages in keeping record pages of more than 492 billion pages. You will get your maximum pages from here, but in case if your pages are not found here [ 0.01% chances].

2. Copy & Paste: While making a copy paste of Images n your content please take care of your permalink. Make sure you don’t change the permalink of your post and images. There won’t be any big issue if you make changes in dates.

If Your permalink changes you might loose rankings + it will be a new post in your blog according to search engine crawlers resulting in duplicate contents. Edit the permalink same as before this not make any 404 error for your blog + your organic rankings/traffic remains.

This work has to be done manually which requires time, but this is the only choice left when don’t have any backup with you.

Step 2 to recover deleted blog without backup:

1. Go To First clear all the cache of your browser history or open incognito mode in your browser.



Now, Enter your Domain Name and click on Search tools.



You can set a Time for particular the archive post you are looking. If you have lost data of last 30 days you can search from past week & past month. This is an awesome feature seen on Google.

On the same way when you get the result from Google, You should click on the button & Cached to get cached version of your post. Copy All post, Images + Permalink [URL] same as before.



When Copying your post from cache please not in case if you miss anything, note down all the internal link from your cache. Which you can use to search in Google directly using URL of your post, easier to recover post from the cache.

This is lengthy work so make sure if you want recover huge files take a team and recover it.

Note: Pages get expired quickly from Google cache + make sure you don’t waste much time. [ I lost 60+ post as I was trying to find some other ways resulting in biggest loss]

Important Things To Keep backup Normally:

 Step 1: Once a week go to dashboard<<Tools<< Click on Export. [ All your contents are with you]

Step 2: Once in a week Go to Cpanel<< .phpMyAdmin << Export SQL << GO!! Done

Step 3: Create backup on your Cpanel.

After following the above 3 steps, you are safe at any point and all your data is with you. No matter whatever happens you can get back within few mins.

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For more time savings, you can use backup plugins.

This is how you can keep your property safe in the web with tons of attackers around. Once you develop you may be watch by tons of attackers around.

If you have any other easy ways let me and my users know via comment.

Also, I am willing to know what are the major steps you take to keep your property safe.

Thanks for lending me your precious time.

Best Regards

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