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Haunted Mansions In India| Spookiest Haunted Houses With True Facts

India, the land full of mysteries has lots of unanswered questions. Since our childhood, we have been listening to many stories about ghosts and spirits from our elders and friends. However, in India, there are lots of true secrets and stories left behind about king palaces and kings who died their painful death.

haunted mansions in india

After their death, there are lots of rumors that the locals hear screams from the palace which made the locals to stop going nearby the palace after sunset. There are few places which are even scary to visit during the day time. We can find lots of twisted history about those haunted mansions, which makes it even more interesting to know about & to visit.

 Haunted Mansions In India- Spookiest Haunted Houses With True Facts:

If you are one of those people who love to explore the unexploited haunted places. There are plenty of haunted mansions in India and among them, I have picked the best-haunted mansions in India that take real guts to explore.

1.Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan:

When you think about Bhangarh Fort, which is an old king palace in Rajasthan. It is said that long time ago, a ‘Tantrik’ had cast a black magic spell on the palace and the villagers who lived there. And the myth goes on as Bhangarh Fort was said to be cursed forever. There were many reports about the Bhangarh Fort, that many people have experienced paranormal activities. So, visitors are not allowed in that area after sunset.

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Furthermore, there is another story which has been buzzing around for a long time now. According to the reports, the houses in some of the villages nearby Bhangarh Fort are roof-less. It is said that even if we built a roof, it collapses in no time. This makes the haunted mansions in India.

What happens when People Visit this Place?

  1. It is said that, once the sun goes down no one is allowed to enter the fort premises. According to the locals, several incidents happened where the nomads choose to stay for a night in the fort but never made a return in the next morning.
  2. Bhangarh Fort is the popular tourist place. However, you will find there is no provision of electricity within the fort. It is surrounded by the majestic hills of Aravali, and you will find different species of animals take shelter in the fort. Many visitors hear the sounds of wild animals, which makes it even scarier to visit the fort.

2.D’Souza  Chawl in Mahim- Mumbai:

D’Souza Chawl, Mahim said to be the most haunted mansions in Mumbai. It is a Chawl with a building up to 4-5 floors. It is said that women fell into the water and died crying out for help. Furthermore, it is said that many times people saw the apparition of the lady, where she wanders around the well late at night but disappear before the dawn.

Why is it the Spookiest place in Mumbai?

  1. It is said that the lady appears late at night and wanders around the well and disappears before dawn.
  2. Furthermore, other than the lady ghost in white saree. Many new people have seen a phantom of a night guard standing beside the fig tree.
  3. Many people hear the sound of anklets of an unknown invisible lady several times in the night. This makes it even scarier to visit the chawl.

3.Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad:

Ramoji Film City said to be the haunted mansions in Hyderabad. It was during the daytime, a famous Tamil actress was just checking herself in the mirror and suddenly there was a horrifying shout was heard from the make-up room. All the crew members carried the heroine on the sofa and after she came back to her senses, what they heard made them all shivers within their bones.

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Wondering what’s next right? The actress told the crews that while she was combing her hair and checking her dialogues on the dressing table. She saw an image in the mirror and smiling at her, which makes it so spooky to visit this place.

What happens when people visit the place?

  1. Ramoji Film City is the oldest and the biggest film cities in Hyderabad. It is said that not only the light men but even the stuntmen had some strange experiences.
  2. The people had experience lights falling from the ceiling several times.
  3. According to the locals, they believe that it was a war ground.During the time of Nizams fought the battle here in the Ramoji Film City and was haunted by dead soldiers.
  4. Furthermore, the hotel workers had experienced many strange paranormal activities like a ghostly figure appears and disappears, in the dressing room ladies often finds their foods are found scattered and their dresses are torn and also find some scratch in the mirror which is written in Urdu by the phantoms. If you are scared of this place why don’t you visit best hill stations in India during the summer season

4.GP Block- Meerut:

GP Block is a double storey apartment which is deserted for many years and the most haunted mansions in India which are located in Uttar Pradesh. People around have claimed to see the spirit of a woman sitting on the roof, where she wears a red dress getting in and out of the house. Wondering what happens next?.

Why is this place a Spookiest place in Meerut?

  1. Earlier, it is said that the locals see women dressed in red sitting on top of the roof going in and out of the house.
  2. Even the locals see four men sitting inside the house around the table with a single candle lighted in the center and drinking. This kind of activity has been repeating always, whenever people passes through the building.
  3. Even though nothing has changed since then, however, people have stopped passing by this haunted mansions till today.

5.Fernhill Palace Hotel, Ooty:

The Fernhill Palace Hotel in Ooty had been shut down like ten years ago. It is said to be the most haunted hotel in India. It is said that a girl had committed suicide inside the hotel. Furthermore, the story goes like this one night Saroj Khan and her few dancers were awoken by the sound of furniture being moved around in the room above them. When they all tried calling the reception but the phone was dead.

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In the next morning, they all went to complain at the reception but then when the reception escorted them outside and pointed upwards. What they have seen is very scary, there was no floor above. Till today, no one goes to this hotel since it has been shut down due to lots of incidents happened.

6.Mukesh Mill:

Mukesh mill is the best location for shooting Bollywood horror movies. It is located in Colaba, Mumbai and it is a dead end with the Arabian Sea next to it. However, many people who have worked out there had horrifying experience. The Mukesh Textile mills were established in 1975. During the 80s, it is said that there were lots of gang wars and smuggling Gold was the main activity during those times. And also it is said that this mill is the hideouts of all the bhais.

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Many people were murdered and thrown into the waters. This place is believed to be haunted, even though there are no such major activities happened in this place. But it is said that no one is allowed to stay back for shooting after 9 PM.

7.Kundanbagh, Hyderabad:

Kundanbagh is the most haunted mansions in India. It is said that once a thief entered the second floor of the house at night. What he saw must be very creepy, then he called the police. The thief saw three women dead bodies lying on the bed. It is said that those three women were the mother and her two daughters.

According to the report, those dead bodies is 6 months old and has already decomposed. Furthermore, the neighbors see them practicing black magic and always wears black dresses. During midnight, those women walk around their home with a candle in their hands. However, one day the mother named “Jayaprada” tried to attack with an ax to the local people. Since then, the incidents of 2002 remains unresolved.

8.Sinhagad, Engineering College, Pune:

If you have ever seen the movie 3 Idiot, where a boy sings “Give me some sunshine”. That goes in real life stories of a college boy who commits suicide in the Sinhagad College, Pune. It is said that due to too much of mental stress the boy commits suicides in the college itself. However, in the movie, the boy left the world and never returned. But not in the case of this student. It is said that after his death the boy returns to the college premises and walks around the college at night time. So, the students do not walk alone in the premises alone at night as the students believe that they feel his presence in the premises at night.

9.The Three King’s Church, Goa:

The Three King’s Church is located in the village and it is considered as the most haunted places in India. It is said that long years ago, there lived three Portuguese King and always kept fighting to rule over the place. After getting fed up, the King named Holger called the rest of the other two kings in the Church.In the royal lunch ceremony, the king mixed poison in their dinner and killed both of them. Later, when the locals knew about this incident a huge crowd went to the king palace and knowing that the king found it better to commit suicide by consuming poison.

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Furthermore, those three kings were buried in this church. It is believed that the spirits of those three kings roam in the church. Not only that, even locals felt the mysterious spiritual and paranormal feeling inside the church which makes it even scarier to visit the place.

10.Aleya Ghosts Lights, West Bengal:

This area is said to be haunted place in India. It is said that following the lights can lead to death. The story goes on like this a ball of light emerge in the marshy regions of West Bengal and Bangladesh that have caused many deaths as well. Many fishermen of this area have often spotted these ghost lights and have led to deaths of many fishermen whoever have followed the light.

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It is believed that it is the spirits of dead fishermen who lost their lives fishing in the marshes. Sometimes, it can make fishermen confuse that cause them to fall in the marshes. However, sometimes it also helps them to prevent from getting into danger. Even though there is nothing serious activity about the place but still, then it is even scarier when you visit the place in person.

11.Brijraj Bhavan Palace, Kota, Rajasthan:

Brijraj Bhavan Palace was the British Residency and the home of Major Charles Burton. He lived there with his family for 13 years. During the outbreak of the mutiny in May 1857, major Charles Burton was summoned by the British General for the protection of Neemuch Cantonment in Madhya Pradesh.

Furthermore, Major Burton arrived in Kota on the request of Kota’s Maharaja, on 13 December 1857. But later, Burton and his two sons saw a large party of soldiers approaching their building. After five hours of firing, Major Burton and his two sons surrendered by kneeling down their prayers to the soldiers.

Why is it known as Haunted Mansions?

It is believed that the spirit of Major Burton still haunts the old building and the guests. Many guests have complained of discomforting and oppressive feelings. Not only that, few of the watchmen often heard the English voice, which says “Don’t Sleep, no smoking” that is followed by a sharp slap on their face.

12.Dow Hills, West Bengal:

Dow Hill is situated at Darjeeling, which is a small hill station in West Bengal. The place has a beautiful scenario and very calm place for spending your holidays. However, it has lots of mysteries where you will find lots of murders and ghosts. According to the local, it is said that the people ghosts reside in the Victoria Boys High School. There they hear whispering, footsteps and some eerie sensation spread out from the schools even when the school remain closed.

The Dow hill is a forest near the school, where it is often said that there are many people were murdered in the forest. Even though there is no report of any paranormal activity around the forest but still, it is even scarier to visit the place.

These are the 12 best picked haunted mansions in India which are the spookiest houses with true facts. So, if you are brave enough to explore these haunted places in India. Grab your backpacks and explore the most haunted mansions in India that will give you an adrenalin rush. These are the benefits of traveling alone.


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