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What Happens When You don’t Subscribe to Jio Prime @ 99₹

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Jio Prime is the new Membership portal for all the Jio users. If you are still lacking behind for registering the Jio Prime, you must do it ASAP. As this registration is going to give you chance to get all the unlimited data or voice call plans at the lowest price. By April, the free unlimited tariff of Jio will end as was earlier announced by Reliance Company Chairperson, Mukesh Ambani itself.

And for all the Jio users are requested for making the pre-registration of Jio Prime. The duration of Jio Prime registration is starting from 1st of march 2017 till 31st of March 2017. And here below in this article, we are going to discuss how to subscribe and register Jio Prime. By the end of March 2017, no Jio users are allowed to make free unlimited.

jio prime

To subscribe and register Jio Prime, you must be a Jio Sim user. Besides, you also still purchase a new Jio sim if you had a 4G phone. So now lets us discuss how to get Jio Prime subscribe and enjoy unlimited data & Voice calls at the lowest rate.

How to Subscribe Jio Prime @ just 99₹

As Jio sim user have successfully reached more than 100 million in less than six months, so now it has been announced for the Jio Prime on the month February 2017. And those who have not registered for the Jio Prime, they would be purchasing the same plan at a higher price. So this makes the Jio vs Jio prime user differ in their plans and Tariff.

Steps to Subscribe Jio Prime 

  1. You can Log on to Jio.com for registration.
  2. Click on the get Jio Prime button to proceed.
  3. Now, provide your Jio Phone Number for the registration.
  4. Next, You will get options for selecting your Preferred Plan. (Plans showed below Table)
  5. So after you have selected your Preferred plans now yu may proceed to pay.
  6. Once the Jio Prime is registered, you can also keep checking for the new offers, Combo, and other tariffs & plans.

jio prime

Plans and tariffs of Jio Prime

Jio Prime plans are very amazing and most of them are unlimited but for getting the high-speed internet, you got to pay. But paying for the Tariff using the Jio Prime will you very low and hence this is the benefits of having Jio Prime. For the membership, you got to pay 99₹ and also along with the plans and tariffs.

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So check out the list new 4G plans and tariffs and its validity. 

Price Data Plans Validity







2 GB

28 GB

56 GB

60 GB

125 GB

350 GB

750 GB

28 Days

28 days

28 days

60 days

90 days

180 days

360 days

Jio Prime Announcement

There has been an announcement made by the chairman of Reliance Jio company. In which Mukesh Ambani mentions that Jio Sim was first released on 5th September 2016. While you are making them one of the most subscribe sim card company in just a few months.

jio prime

Jio Services has offered many awesome plans which include high-speed 4G data for free, HD Voice calls, Jio premium apps including for entertainments like JioMusic, JioChat, JioMoney, MyJio and much more. Besides, Jio also brings you 4G devices like the JioFi – 4G router and also affordable 4G Smartphones (Lyf Mobile).

See the Jio Prime Announcement Video

So the time for the Jio prime subscription is running out. Be quick and subscribe for enjoying the unlimited data and high-speed internet for one year by registration at just 99 INR.

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