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Hacks To Speed Up Your BSNL Broadband Connection

Speed Up Your BSNL Broadband Connection: BSNL is one of the few Telecom Company owned and run by the Government of India. It provides its users with different products mainly Landline Phones, Wireless Phones, Broadband Connection and recently with 3G and other Mobile Internet Network.

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Now many of the Internet users in India option to get a BSNL Broadband Connection because of its affordable price set that it offers for its users. And we all know about us the Indians we like to get things at the most lowest price that we can get our hands on. We will know about the things that are own by the Government of India as what type of quality it offers but even with the price tag that the BSNL Broadband comes it gives quite a speed for its Broadband connection, so its ultimately a wiser choose then any other Private Internet Connection Provider.

But one of the major drawbacks of BSNL Broadband Connection is the Internet Speed that it offer for its users. In some of the cases the Internet Speed is okay !! But the catch is that there are some days when the Internet Speed of BSNL Broadband Connection is to slow that you cannot even do some of your basic daily online work.

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How To Speed Up Your BSNL Broadband Connection:

Now personally I have been using BSNL Broadband Connection for my personal works {Cuz I am an Indian Too :p !!} Just Kidding !!  And I have experience all the up’s and down’s in the Internet Speed of BSNL Broadband Connection that it has to offer for its users. But trust me you would not want to experience the Down’s in the Internet speed of BSNL Broadband because it is hell.

Now coming back to the guide on how to speed up your BSNL Broadband Connection after experiencing all the hardship of low internet speed provided by BSNL Broadband, I have found some of the hacks that will clearly Speed up Your BSNL Broadband Connection.

So now if you are one of those particular guy who has suffer the same wraft of slow internet speed by BSNL Broadband connection. Then this article is what you need to make your BSNL Broadband Connection run as fast as “The Flash” :v (Even if its not as fast as Flash but enough to watch “The Flash” on YouTube :v .

Tricks & Hacks To Speed Up Your BSNL Broadband Connection:

Here I will provide you with two working methods that you can follow to speed up your BSNL Broad Connection.

  • Releasing Bandwidth Limit to 0% on Windows:

Now the first method that I will provide you with to increase the Internet Speed on your BSNL Broadband Connection is by releasing the Bandwidth Limit to 0%. Now generally Windows keep 20% of the Bandwidth limit for its usages, which includes updates of its firmware, Windows defender and other software.

And if your sole intention is to get the most out of your Internet connection is by releasing the Bandwidth limit to 0% on your Windows Laptop and Desktop. Now to do it here is what you will need to do:

  1. First of all you will need to open the Run box on your Windows and to do it you have use the Win+R key on your keyboard.
  2. Now under the Run box you will need to type “gpedit.msc”and hit enter.
  3. Next you will need to navigate the following Path under the group policy editor.

                                   {“Local Computer Policy”>>”Computer Configuration”>>”Administrative                                                     Templates”>>”Network”>>”QOS Packet Scheduler”>>”Limit Reservable Bandwidth” }

   4. Now the last thing that you will need to do is double click on the option”Limit Reservable Bandwidth” and change the value from “20” to “0”.

Well that’s how you can speed up BSNL Broadband by releasing the Bandwidth limit to 0%.

  • Increase BSNL Broadband Connection Using Google DNS:

Now another way you can speed up the Internet connection of BSNL Broadband is using Google DNS servers as most of the third party DNS server provides more faster Internet then your default servers. And to use Google DNS Server to increase your Internet speed here is what you will need to do.

  1. First of all click on the Start button of your Window, after that you will need to select the Control Panel of you Windows.
  2. Now you will have to Select “Network and Sharing Center/Network Connections”  and after that you will need to open the “Local Area Connection”.
  3. Now the next thing that you will need to do click on the “properties” button.
  4. Now you will need to click on the “TCP/IP” option, where under the DNS address fields with the new DNS Server given below.



5. Now you will just have to click “OK” to restart your BSNL Broadband connection at high speed.

And That’s all !! Now you will have a BSNL Broadband connection at a faster rate. So congratulation !! as you will now be able to speed up your BSNL Broadband connection. And if any of your Friends or family members are facing the same problem of slow BSNL Broadband connection then share this article with them too.

Because Sharing is loving .

Thank You

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