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How To Hack AppLock in Android Devices? – Simple And Easy Steps!!

how to hack applock?

When you want your Android apps to remain safe and secured from others then AppLock is better than any other applications. And in over 50 countries, AppLock is holding its #1 position with over 200 million users that support 24 languages. In fact, whether you want to lock your apps or gallery, AppLock will do the work efficiently. For instance, I have seen in one of my friend’s Android smartphone locking some of his important apps as well as games. I tried to open the apps but without any password it is impossible. But you can hack AppLock in Android devices with some tricky steps.

how to hack applock?

With AppLock you can set any password that you desire and save all your apps from fraudsters. But you must know that even AppLock cannot give 100% assurance to safeguard your apps. Therefore, in this content, I will be providing you with some ways to hack AppLock in Android devices. With just two easy steps you can hack your friend’s Android mobile device. You don’t have to worry; below we will provide the two methods step by step wise. You do not even need to root your Android device, just follow some ways.

How to Hack AppLock in Android Devices?

There are two methods revealed to unlock AppLock advanced protection. But all the settings of the Android device must remain unlocked. The two methods are:

  • Uninstalling the AppLock.
  • Bypassing AppLock password.

First Method – By Uninstalling the AppLock:

  • In order to uninstall the AppLock first of all open the device that contains the AppLock application.
  • Locate App Manager on your Android device by visiting Settings.
  • Now, under downloaded applications, locate AppLock and click on it.
  • The moment you tap on AppLock, you will be able to see three options available that include Force Stop, Uninstall, and Disable.

easy to hack applock

  • So, you can either uninstall the app or even force stop it or use the third option to start hacking apps in Android device.

As I have completed the first step, let me proceed with the second method below to unlock AppLock pattern.

Second Method – Bypassing AppLock Password:

Without uninstalling AppLock you can also hack Applock or bypass AppLock password easily. Just follow the tutorial that I have provided you.

  • Firstly, to bypass AppLock visit your device that has got AppLock App.
  • Secondly, go to Settings of your device and explore App Manager or Applications.
  • Now, explore downloaded applications.
  • Locate AppLock application and click on that.

Applock download

  • Once you have clicked, you will see an option to totally uninstall it or Force stop it.

easily hack applock

  • Now, click on the Force Stop and immediately a message will be popping up and then tap on OK and your AppLock will be stopped running.

simple steps to hack applock

  • Finally, you can open any apps that you wanted to play and enjoy.

(NOTE: If the user or admin have locked the settings with a password then how much you try, you can never hack AppLock in Android device. Make sure the admin has kept the settings unlock.)

How can you lock the AppLock again?

It is very easy and simple to lock the AppLock again after stopping it. All you have to do is, go to AppLocker again from the App Manager and simply open and close the app. Remember that you do not need any password to relock AppLock again.

As this AppLock is quite interesting for you to lock as well as unlock application, let us get to know its pretty features in details below.

Excellent Features of AppLock:

  • AppLock has the potential to lock all your settings, gallery, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Games etc.
  • Even AppLock can lock your incoming and outgoing calls easily.
  • With AppLock you can protect your privacy by hiding images and videos from the gallery.
  • AppLock has got keyboard pattern as well as invisible pattern lock, which safeguard your security and prevents anyone peeping your pin code.
  • AppLock is available for free but it offers some in-app purchases.

Features of Applock

  • If you are a user of Android 6.0 or more then AppLock even supports fingerprint scanner for further safety.
  • With AppLock, you can also lock your apps according to time lock.
  • To prevent your kids buy apps from Google Play Store, AppLock will help you to lock Play Store too.
  • It includes low memory usage as well as supports power saving mode to save battery.
  • In AppLock there are three types of accounts that include Premium, Ad, and Basic.
  • AppLock can even hide from the home icon.
  • The app has very pretty themes that can be changed according to your likes.

AppLock is a worldwide app used for locking apps in your Android devices. But as the apps do not give 100% security we have proved it by providing two methods to hack AppLock in Android devices. I am not saying AppLock is not good to lock applications but if you are smart enough to hack your friend’s phone or tablet then the method provided above will be a good choice. I hope that you could understand this simple guide easily.

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