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Super Easy Guide To Download Torrent Files With IDM- Torrent to IDM

Download Torrent Files With IDM: Do you want to know how to download Torrent Files With IDM(Internet Download Manager) then this article is what you just need for you to know how to download IDM Torrents.

Now Internet has made our life much simpler and entertaining as the days are long gone where we would need to spend our time and money on watching Movies in theaters as we can download all the movies and other media and files right on our Computers using Internet.

Download Torrent files with IDM

Now the introduction of Torrent files has certainly made the download procedure much easier. As when it comes to downloading of large files which may include Movies, Games, Softwares or any other files it is quite complicated. specially for the ones that have Low speed Internet connection. Now if you are in India and using BSNL Broadband things can go little hactic with the low internet speed but with this guide on how to Speed Up BSNL Broadband Connection you can certainly speed up the Internet for downloading the Torrents to an extend.

Yes, we all know the advantage of using Torrents to download large digital files but we would also agree with the fact that even with the great number of Torrent Clients such as BitTorrent, UTorrent the downloading speed are not up to the mark. So the best option is using the IDM or Internet Download Manager as it allows its users to download files from Internet as a high speed rate and this is the most relevant solution to the slow downloading Speed of the Torrents.

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So here we will take a look at the super easy guide or ways that you can follow to download Torrents Files with IDM or Internet Download Manager or we can just say IDM Torrents.

Download Torrent With IDM (Internet Download Manager):

IDM is an free download manager for Windows PC which you can use to download all your games, movies, videos, software or any other files from Internet at a very high speed rate. Now as IDM is quite famous among its users due to the high speed downloading speed that it provides for its users.

Now basically the downloading speed of Torrents generally depends upon the number of SEEDS from which torrents you are downloading. So now for those files which have low number of SEEDS will will also provide low downloading speed. But as using Torrents you will download files which are huge in size so basically it will also take more time. So now the best solution to this question is using IDM to Download Torrent Files.

Now the question of any normal human will be “Can I really Download Torrents With IDM”?? Quite a tough question I guess !! But let me draw out the curtains to this question right here.

Yes, you can download Torrents Files with Internet Download Manager, How?? this is what we are going to answer in this article.

And now now if you are going to learn this secret of downloading IDM Torrents Files then without any guess you would also want to know what are are major advantages of downloading Torrents Files using IDM then here are some of those common advantages that you can get from downloading Torrent Files with IDM.

Advantages of Downloading Torrent Files with IDM(Internet Download Manager):

  • IDM provides with 5 times of downloading speed of Torrents.
  • IDM is best to download Torrents with low seeds.
  • IDM allows its users to download Torrents from restricted network areas.
  • You will not need to install or configure anything like other Torrent clients.
  • Downloading process is simple and it can be handled by all.

How To Download Torrent Files with IDM:

Now you might be really excited to know how to download Torrent Files with IDM, so for you guys without making any delay on all the fancy stuffs I just wrote above we will jump into the guide on how to download Torrent Files using IDM.

To download Torrents with IDM is quite simple as there are a bunch of different websites that allows its users to download Torrents using Internet Download Manger but in this guide I will provide you with the best Websites to download IDM Torrents.

  1. Use ZbigZ To Download Torrent Files With IDM:

To use ZbigZ to download Torrent Files with IDM Internet Download Manager here is the step that you will need to follow:


  • First of all you will need to download the Torrent file of the Movie or Game or Software that you want to download on your Computer.
  • Now once you have downloaded the Torrent file you will need to visit the official Website ZbigZ on your Computer.
  • Now before you start downloading you will need o sign up with ZbigZ using your valid Email and create a account.
  • Now once you have sign up for an account you will need to upload your Torrent file using the Upload option and click on the Go button on the Screen.
  • Now in the screen two option will appear where you will either need to choose a Free or Premium option. For now you can just option for the Free.
  • And once you calick on the Free option you will need to wait for few seconds and let ZbigZ cache your file.
  • Once the cache is done you will see download option and you will just need to click on the download option and your Torrent file will start downloading via IDM.

2. Use Boxopus To Download Torrent Files With IDM:

Boxopus is another website which allows its users to download Torrent Files using IDM and to use it t download Torrent files here is what you will need to do.


  • First of all visit the Official Website of Boxopus.
  • Now you will need to sign up for an account with Boxopus you can either use your Facebook account or your Gmail account.
  • Now once you have a account you can can either upload the Torrent file or paste the Torrent magnetic link from which you want to download.
  • Now you will need to wait for few seconds until the Boxopus cache your Torrent.
  • Once the cache is done you will be able to download your Torrent file using your IDM on your Computer.

Now here are some of the other awesome Website that you can use to download Torrents using IDM:

  1. TorrentHandler.
  2. Filestream.
  3. PUT.IO.

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So the above guide was on how to download Torrents with IDM(Internet Download Manager). So now you can use this method to download all your Torrents using IDM at high download speed. Now if you have any problem relating to this please leave you comments below.

Thank You

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