Hi this Is PIshang Ujeniya, a guest blogger on ChromeTechny

So here today I am going to give you the best ALEXA BOOSTER Secret tips.

We all bloggers are always on the way of improving Alexa Rank.

So What actually Alexa Ranking is?

Alexa boost


Alexa Ranking is the simple way to know the value of your blog on world. It’s just a rough out measurement of the site stats, number of visitors along with the page views per visits, compared with all the other websites and blogs on Web.

You need to keep in mind that Alexa only measures those visitors and page views which occurred from the browser having ALEXA TOOLBAR installed.So it won’t give you the actual count of total visitors. Or must add alexa widget.

There are many ways of increasing Alexa Rank on web and the Most easy and simple way is to install Alexa toolbar and Chrome Extension.

Below Mentioned points to be kept in mind to get your Alexa Ranked boosted to top.


  • Register And Claim your account on Alexa.com
  • Install Alexa Toolbar and Chrome Extension to your Browser.
  • Visit Blogging Related blog sites and get more Inspiration.
  • Update Your content and blog daily
  • Make Quality Content with SEO guide.(Read more: SEO guide)
  • Blog Commenting is one of the best way to make your network more wider.
  • Link Building.>> Social Sharing & Guest Posting
  • And Lastly I would Suggest ‘GUEST BLOGGING’


After My first article on ‘What does Blogging Mean to?’ I am revealing the Best Alexa Rank Booster tip and that is: ‘GUEST BLOGGING’
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Guest Blogging Is the Single, One and Only one double sided sword getting direct into the Wide network of your readership.

What Does Actually Guest Blogging is ?

It means you are writing blogs articles for another blog which is not your own.(Actually What I am doing now on ChromeTechny)


The sole aim of Guest posting is to drive a Bunch of traffic to my own blog through the great readership of the Host blog.

Guest posting is the key to successful blogger to make his/her own influence on the Blogosphere.

How Guest Blogging is Beneficial?

#1 Guest Blogging turns out to be as an introduction to new communities and networks

Perhaps, the Best benefit of guest Blogging is, it allows you to get into new communities and speak your own words get shared to high traffic.

It would just knock all other bloggers that you are also blogger, moving fast to be Pro Blogger as others, giving a great competition.(Bloggers are always in Competition)

#2 Guest Posting and SEO

In this time of great Competiton in BLOGOSPHERE its impossible to have a great  rank in Search Engines without SEO.

Have a look at ChromeTechny’s WordPress SEO guide.

Guest blogging is one among the best technique of link building.

#3 Link Building

You can have a High Value Alexa Rank only when you get numbers of Backlinks from other Blogs and sites having a high Page Rank.

Guest Blogging is the first weapon used by Pro blogger to get on top of Search results from other Sources too and have a Backlink from Host Blog.

Host Blogger Describes a little about the Guest Blogger and gives a Backlink at the end of the Guest Post.

Over time this Backlinks would give you a lot traffic from other Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. (If you want to learn more about SEO have a look here)

Note: Avoid this mistakes.

#4 Guest Blogging as a building Relationship tool with Pro Bloggers

Bloggers need a good quality content.

And if you are a good guest blogger then that would create an internal relationship with the Host Blogger and other Readers of it.

You can be having your name on this blog as a guest Blogger and others also get introduced to you.

If you are going to add a value to someone’s blog, you are getting plus gift from them.

#5 Blogger makes a Guest Blogger

Bloggers make Bloggers.

You have been came here till now hearing Guest Blogging and blogging but the Main aim to this is to drive traffic to your blog.

This could be Only done By advertising or Guest Blogging.

Why many blogger insist you on Guest Blogging?

As being a blogger and to keep up with the world , blogger need to update his blog daily or weekly to get Alexa rank Better and better than before he suggest other Bloggers to write on his blog as a guest blogger and In turn he would be giving them a backlink (What I am getting now)


After all This big theory


Have you got any conclusion on What relates ALEXA and GUEST BLOGGING to each other?

Not yet, get a look below:

Alexa Counts only visits from its toolbar and extension users only.

Have you ever observed the numbers of “Links in” of Alexa Rank of Shoutmeloud.com and labnol.org and other Top Ranking Sites.

As high the Link in number , better the Alexa Rank would be boosted>>>>>>

Guest Blogging >> Visit to Host Blog >> Gives a “Links in” to Host Blog,

Link Building >> Social Sharing >> Visitors >> Social Sharing (By Host) >> Tremendous Traffic.

Visit to Guest Post >> Link in to Host Blogger >> Link in to Guest Blogger.

Thus, Guest Blogging is just a closed loop for Alexa to get your rank boost to top in just a short period of time.

I hope you got solution to your questions. Still Confused?? Drop your questions as a comment.

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